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  1. He was working this spring on hitting the ball the other way too to address shifts. Had a good stretch going before games were called off. I took a 30th round flyer in one league, but not expecting too much.
  2. Drafted him in the 26th in a 12-teamer as a dart throw. Just in case he found some overseas magic a la Mikolas 2018. Won the KBO version of the Cy Young award two years in a row, worth a shot.
  3. Lane Thomas also in the mix for LF. Talk from the beat writers this off-season was that O’Neill probably has a leg up for the early shot at the job, but he has a lot of competition and little room for error.
  4. Management has said CF is his job going in, but the team has a lot of young options breathing down his neck (Lane Thomas, Carlson especially). And this is a run production-starved team that lost its cleanup hitter, so if Bader keeps flailing at a steady diet of offspeed pitches off the plate outside and hitting in the low .200s, I don’t think they’ll be too patient before cutting into his playing time. And he sure doesn’t try to steal much for someone with his speed. As a Cardinals fan who watches him almost daily, I’m not even a little excited. But he’s still young, so improvement and more aggressiveness on the basepaths isn’t out if the question, and I hope he proves me wrong.
  5. I was actually listening to that broadcast on 670 AM discussing the rumored Cards/Rockies talks for Arenado. That RW blurb exaggerates a little. Levine said those were the various names his source said were being discussed by the two teams, not a full package or any actual offer.
  6. Just missed a no-hitter yesterday. Maybe today?
  7. Didn’t think I’d be getting ready for my 3 a.m. (central) bedtime with Cards-Dbacks still on. They play a day game Wednesday too with a division still on the line.
  8. Last 30 days: .337, 24 runs, 6 HR, 5 SB. For the season, in just over half a year's at-bats, .298, 11 HRs, 14 SB. And he's gotten better lately, in high pressure games, no less. Interesting to see where he goes in drafts next year assuming the Cardinals keep an everyday role for him (hard to believe they wouldn't after this).
  9. Did the same thing, it's always nice when your streamer has a good week on Monday. I had my eye on him in the spring, and will probably have my eye on him next spring as well.
  10. Tough call for weekly leaguers who need homers in the final week. Probably going to only start three games this week, with interleague games ahead, but those three will be at the White Sox, including Santiago and Detwiler.
  11. Still, would have been a great line if Soto didn’t lose that ball in the sun. So frustrating.
  12. The Dodgers and Rockies realized that game was in LA, not Coors Field, right?
  13. I think I streamed Joe Ross in a two start week one other time in my life. With the same results.
  14. "Suarez doesn’t know the results of the MRI. Will see the doctor at 12:30. Says his hand is a lot better today. Has full movement. #reds" - John Fay on Twitter
  15. No Idea what the plans are, but I just saw that myself and am benching where I own him in weeklies.