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  1. 3 hours ago, Heroebal said:

    Most fantasy points scored in league. Yet record is 5-8 and I miss playoffs, thanks 2020.


    Welcome to the club. I did have a 6-7 record though. lol. Needed a 6-6 team to lose in Week 13 and the dude pulled the win by 4 points. 

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  2. Just now, jgardner12 said:

    Went into the week with a plan of starting Moore/Godwin/terry and leave cmc in my flex with Corey Davis as a backup.


    But nooo I played  against will fuller so I panicked. Played Moore/Godwin/terry and mckissic in flex,


    So now I need I need to sweat up miles sanders vs Chris Carson with a 9 point lead, instead of basically having my playoff spot locked up.



    Also: My gut told me all week to bench kyler for taysom but I didn’t have the balls to. Man I deserve this likely L


    You cant bench Kyler for Taysom. Especially with DEN playing with no QB. Cant blame yourself for that.

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  3. 33 minutes ago, nb009 said:

    3 of the past 4 weeks I lost my starting QB with a half of football still to be played (Garapolo, Brees, Burrow). Also lost 2 others earlier in the season. Left way too many points on the table this season.


    I've lost Dak and now Burrow. In 11 weeks, my QB has only gone over 20 points once.

    Im going to miss the playoffs with this team in a 12 team league.

    QB - Burrow

    RB - Cook

    RB - Duke

    WR - Hill

    WR - Fuller

    TE - Kelce

    Flex - Diontae

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