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  1. I assume Yelich Acuna Trout Bellinger went top 4. At 5 Story Turner or Soto would be my options. Betts and Cole changed teams so hiccups can be expected.
  2. When u look at the Seattle bullpen Gerber would seem to be a decent option. Harano and macgill seem to be the favourites for the closer job but neither would scare me off the kid, If he starts off in the minors I doubt it happens for him this year just not enuff season for 2 guys to fail.
  3. Pirates was trying to get him signed to a contract that would have given him the 3B job immediately. Maybe they get something done before the season starts. In any event the Super 2 date the 2 weeks of control crap is all up in the air without a season actually scheduled. Really as a prospect his greatest attribute is a dismal major league team blocking him.
  4. Mazzara for me also. with so many decent options if he fails yet again just grab the next guy up on ur watch list.
  5. NFL draft in April will be the only sporting "event" in April. Maybe NHL, NBA, MLB can push their drafts up to April from June just to give fans some real sports news? A lot of businesses and entire industries will be devastated for years. Hotels. car rentals, busses, Airlines, tourism, are just a few doubtful recover fully.
  6. Really a coin flip for me also. I go Betances but no real reason
  7. Love JRod the most but not a big fan of Royce Lewis keep Marte and Vaughn
  8. Vince Carter maybe should be in HOF from Toronto days. However By hanging on so many years past his prime, recency bias says not enuff voters will remember him as a starter.
  9. Think of the minor league games like the Tacoma Rainiers that will have to play out of state also. Not saying the governor is wrong but convincing people with symptoms to stay home is not working great either.
  10. I would drop Yuli Gurriel and use the waivre on Puig.
  11. Lewis Brinson is having a huge spring and he was traded for Lecroy then Yelich so u know he great. Sure he has had his bumps but that just lowered his price. Mark it down Brinson is going to the Spring Training Hall Of Fame.
  12. Pache and Waters has no chance this year. When the Braves signed Ozuna to join Markakis, Acuna, Enciarte, Duvall it gave them 5 outfielders.