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  1. A-Roz has to be rising as an outfield option with his daily home run pace. At first I was envisioning Allen Craig as a playoff hero who squandered a starting job the following year then got traded to red Sox. Still no real guess as to when he should be picked but around 75 he may tempt someone.
  2. Smith had a great year. but the dodgers give him too many off days to compete with the heavy play of certain catchers. I think the Dodgers are the worst thing to happen to fantasy sports. Having such a deep team allows them to rest stars all year and even in playoffs. on the positive side they aren't winning championships so it doubtful other teams follow their course of yearly playoff losses.
  3. A-Roz may be a fluke. But I am sure he will open next year with a secure starting job and would have to slump his way to the bench. Having a starting job in a good lineup and a good hitting slot makes him a great flier pick. I am thinking after round 12 though.
  4. I don't think any minor league list this year is going to mean much. They just take last years list and cull the guys who got called up or drop guys like Oneill Cruz who had his own situation. A year is a long time for everybody but to a 17-22 year old prospect it may be their main development year. They may get stronger taller faster better instincts or they may get slower fatter and lose their main value from their last year of evaluation. Hopefully the minor leagues play next year and allow us to actually have something to rank besides a year old snapshot of a year old season.
  5. In the same vein MLB should bring in the mercy rule. 10 run lead game over after the inning is over. Watching the Cards lose 18-3 or a Rockie 29-5 loss makes u wish it was just over. About the March Madness thing, Every team does have a shot at the tourney of 64, it is called Conference tournaments the week before. U suck regular season just win ur tournament and a borderline bubble team get knocked out. I hope a lot of changes are just for this year but the DH is prolly here to stay for better or worse. I hate the guy on second in extra innings and really hate 7 inning doubleheaders.
  6. Matt Kemp has 9 Abs this year Hampson has 10. Not sure why the Rockies take every geezer they can find and play em over the kids? Decrepit must be a positive in Rockies scouting reports.
  7. 4-5 with a single 2 doubles and a homer from leadoff. I might be greedy but rooting for a triple in his at bat in the 9th inning.
  8. Folty started the game 7 playoff game the Cards scored 10 runs in first inning last year. Every pitcher has a bad game so this reeks of something else. Going from starting game 7 to DFA in 1 start is hard to believe. I am sure folty once on his new team will offer some clarification.
  9. I would drop Lorenzo Cain. his shelf life is over.
  10. Chris Davis does not start the season 0-60 again again. Baltimore contends for a playoff spot. Giants flirt with a 10 win season. then blow their first overall pick next year by taking another catcher who needs 4 years to be ready. Seth Beer wins NL ROY
  11. I am also interested in a catcher playing everyday somewhere else. But I think he gonna bat like 8 or 9 which would sink his value.
  12. Pache and Waters officially had their call up hopes dashed. I assume ozuna Acuna Puig will play the OF with Duvall Enciarte and Riley sharing DH role after Freeman returns. All in all it could have been better.
  13. since Wander has to be on the 40 man roster after the season anyway it makes sense for all the 40 man roster guys to be on the 60 man team/taxi squad. The expanded playoffs plus the 60 game season makes it imperative to get wins. Add in the Al/NL east and Tampa has few easy series just Marlins and orioles. All those platoons are prolly looking for 1 good player to replace them and I am banking Wander can get a full time job.
  14. Clase suspended and Delino Deshields with Covid. kinda landslides the trade in Texas' favour.
  15. Roto is just like HTH cept it is graded once a year not once a week. I cant see HTH in a 10 week season either. I really think u should keep Verlander. Only 5 keepers and only 2 years can keep them u really only play for this year. Even if Bieber has a great 10 year career this year the Indians kinda suck the Twins should win that division by 20 games. Trout yelich are 2 OF Rendon is ur 3B. I wouldnt keep another OF and Yordan being a Util only DQs him. I would keep Alonso and fill 1B it pretty weak this year. only 2 year keepers tamps down the long term investments like bieber and Eloy. Ketel is a pass for me since I think we saw his best last year. I wonder where Wander gets drafted in ur league? this year Wander may do zero but the next 2 years are so appealing.