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  1. I think contraction for minor league teams will occur this year. with a 5 player draft all the short season rookie leagues won't be needed. 1 AAA 1 AA 1 A 1 Rookie team for each club will be a 120 minor league system. clubs can still assign extra players to their spring training complex or Dominican Summer league if they need space. If cheap teams want they can save even more money by combining rookie teams with another organization like they do in Arizona fall league. I am sure the worst ballparks and teams not owned by MLB will be the ones to go.
  2. pitchers don't seem to have service type games hitters do. Prolly has to do with so many bullets in the arm before some surgery. I would cut ur 2 NL DL guys in Myers and Cespedes and pick up Gore and Carlson.
  3. It is up to the Castillo owner to accept. The Castillo owner offered the original trade of Castillo for Murphy Jrod Patino. If he wanted lesser prospects he coulda asked for them to start with. Yes Vaughn and Sixto are good prospects but they are a tier or 2 down from the original offer. Speaking of Sixto he is in my prospect fatigue file since he has been around 5 years and in his second organization. Yes lowering trade targets is good business but changing all the players out changes the trade totally.
  4. Looks great for u. For the Castillo owner it really sux for him. GL though maybe he won't notice u replaced the 2 best guys he asked for with just average prospects.
  5. I made a very similar deal to land Castillo before the suspension of season. Castillo only cost me a catcher and jrod though. I think u must keep patino though so find out what else he would accept
  6. Cause Acuna and bichette a lot younger. In a redraft u are right Lindor trout Villar Klubler wins but 3 years from now Acuna and bichette gonna crush it.
  7. Yeah he a guy I am watching but don't feel I gotta get him now. I remember the Braves trading us Wainwright for JD Drew good times then.
  8. Yeah u get hosed not even sure why u would waste time posting it?
  9. I think Dom needs an injury or 2 to find a major role. conforto is a lock for the OF, marisnick Nimmo JD Davis will fight for other 2 spots. Cespedes will prolly get the DH slot since he can't run like the other OF options. Dom had at bats last year with Cespedes and Nimmo out. with the DH he prolly just needs one to flop or get hurt.
  10. It seems a sure thing when baseball resumes the NL DH will be in place. Yahoo adds is already in full swing of the likely candidates. While Nl pitchers benefit from not hitting or running the bases facing an extra hitter every 8 outs makes it an overall downer. Few teams have a single clear cut option. Jose Martinez in St Louis was traded to the Rays earlier. 1. Cubs Schwarber. The most obvious dh guy in history. will let the Cubs bring Brennan davis up when ready and slot Almora or bote out there til then. 2. DBacks Cron Walker Beer. 2 of these guys will be in lineup daily at 1B and DH. 3. Mets Cespedes Dominic Smith, Cespedes is the big add in yahoo but really not sure what to expect from him. JD Davis at least seems safe now. 4. Cards Tyler O'Neil Dexter Fowler, either one opens up a spot full time for Dylan Carlson. 5. San Diego Wil Myers, The trend is oldish guys holding back talented kids are getting most of the DH love. 6. Brewers braun, Oldish guys under contract are being shunted to DH, Unlike other teams brewers are loaded with these types. 7. Rockies Daniel murphy, Reynolds, Ian Desmond, This team is loaded with bad players with no positions with bad contracts. Maybe they can bring a kid up finally or just sign another useless geezer. 8. Braves have 3 likely options if Camargo wins 3B job. and Enciarte, Acuna, ozuna are 3 outfielders. Duvall, Markakis, riley all would seem like bench bats who could do role. 9. Nats Zimmerman, not sure he could hold up but he has earned the right at first choice. 10. reds aquino, I assume he gets first shot at the job but they have other options if he flops. 11. Phillies Rhys Hoskins, Not a good defender anywhere might make sense to upgrade team defense? 12. Dodgers Pollock, They actually have a lot of aging players that can use the DH as a rest day. 13-15 Giants Pirates Marlins, they aint got enuff talent to cover the Dh spot. some sorry pinch hitters will just have to fill in
  11. The DH in the National league really helps the cubs. Since Schwarber as an everyday DH is his real position they can slot a real outfielder to improve their defense. Plus Bryant leading off will benefit from a real hitter batting 9. I also think losing the lawsuit might motivate Bryant to step up his effort to improve his future contract on his future team in 2 years if he don't get a trade before then.
  12. Wander is not currently on 40 man list. But after season he will be. So why not put him on list now and see what u got? with MLB talking 30 man rosters we will prolly see lots of doubleheaders and few off days so I am sure he will play most days. As for his position with Adames solidly locked at SS I can see Wander play 3B.
  13. All the players agreed to was not to be paid for games not played period. They agreed to lose 1 game of pay for every under 162 played. This is why the players are pushing for doubleheaders 30 man rosters to play as many games they can. The problem is in empty stadiums these players are bringing the teams zero revenue cept for TV revenue. ticket sale refunds the teams are supposed to absorb that. Wanna know why the marlins make out like bandits? Their highest paid player Wei yen Chen gets 23 mill this year and he ain't even on team. yet an eighty game season costs him over 12 mill in pay and saves the marlins 12 mill. The playoffs is a different animal. Those teams get paid a set amount from MLB. Orioles make out good since Chris Davis gets half of the stupid contract they gave him. I do think the players will give more pay back for a universal DH the 30 man roster and other perks otherwise I don't think we have any season.
  14. I go Jrod. I don't think Lux will be an everyday starter and bats 7 when he does this year anyway.
  15. My logic is u start ur best players daily. point of reference in my 12 team dynasty league only 3 Giants is owned. Joey bart, Dubon, Luciano. Maybe once we get Dl slots it will aid the pick ups. I doubt any team has fewer useable players, Pirates have 6 players owned. Our league is crazy for closers yet not 1 Giant pitcher owned so whoever closes for them will prolly get picked up. Longo may be an ok streamer for a 3B/CI on light playing days but that about it I doubt u have to own him more than a day except in crazy deep leagues. or NL only leagues.