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  1. Samuels and Singletary. Too much risk of the other two being limited or heading for the tent.
  2. Stacked boxes can lead to some long runs.
  3. Some say the two best starts of the week. I have both. Start Jameis or Kyler?
  4. It's 4:00. Do you know where your players are?
  5. Crap, that's Sanders' bye week too
  6. Exactly, which is why you and I drafted him. But I have no confidence starting a RB who only gets 9 touches, just hoping that he breaks one. Not to mention the frustration of watching his teammate get the TDs. If he gets to the 15+ range like a real RB, we'll love him. I hope it happens in time for my next bye in week 10.
  7. Huh? I have him too. And I'm saying he's unusable. You keep him in the hope that at some point he becomes usable. If you have to start him now, you're season is likely already toast.
  8. Breakout game? He had 6 touches midway through Q3. He hasn't had 10 touches in a month, badly out-touched every week by Howard. Sorry, but much as I want it to be different, he is just not usable.
  9. Nothing wrong with meeting his floor. Unless that's all he does.
  10. That's what you do when you don't trust your defense.
  11. And if you had one that didn't, you were crying that night.
  12. A guy like Mike Davis? He's a total stiff.
  13. Until he gets a consistent 20 touches, he's not startable.
  14. Unlikely to be this week. But it's coming.