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  1. Those guys were #1 and #3 picks. Do you also ask your mom for money when you get a B+ in Algebra...?
  2. You mean when they let a guy who never ran a team run their team to the ground, draft the biggest #1 pick bust in history, ruin that legend's legacy, then kicking that same legend to the curb when he was done? Yea,, great personnel decision
  3. Lol name one good personnel decision Washington has made in the last 20 years
  4. You might need to review his box scores in Washington when Beal was out. Detroit will be very similar situation - horrible team with no players capable of dribble-create.
  5. Detroit has nobody who can create create his own offense right now besides Brandon Knight, who is also hurt and still making his way back from all his injuries in the last few years. Kennard is still a week away and Bruce Brown is nowhere as good as McRae. I think if the situation works out, McRae has garbage game stats written all over him. Christian Wood might not be the only league winner on Detroit.
  6. Your mom is a ho'! Relax it's just a joke. You cant cancel out the dumb things you say by saying "it's just a joke".
  7. All Marqueese ever needed was to be the best player on his team so he would get consistent minutes. He finally is on a team that is so bad that he's the best player.
  8. Cost is always the most important factor in fantasy. Chriss probably costed a nice mid round pick 2 years ago, but he was free this year as a free agent. Never hurts to burn a free FA add to see what happens with players like Chriss
  9. Don't get me wrong, I absolute love him. I stashed him in all my leagues. I think he's basically 1/2 Anthony Davis lol
  10. Christian Wood is turning into the TSLA of fantasy basketball lol
  11. but that would just be rude lol People take so much time designing their sig in hope of strangers reading them and impressing them
  12. Kindda agree with this... I don't see the point of posting your entire team in your sig and making the sig so big that it's 90% of your message real estate.