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  1. Oh my god. The Straily pimping debacle was what I was literally coming in here to post about. Lol
  2. This. And to those who held through the position battle during spring training knowing Daniel Murphy would probably hurt himself and open a spot for both him and
  3. He looked quite good and just got a little tired. His breaking stuff was filthy last night.
  4. Well well...look who’s hitting jacks off Cole Hamels...
  5. Only thing to add here is that it’s clear he changed his swing. He was sort of jump pivoting with his back foot and bringing it forward in the box last year. It looked awful. His head jerked around it threw the bat out of the strike zone while he rolled over with one hand. The timing of the front foot was weird too. Ugly AF. In ST he’s planting and sticking the back foot and using that to rotate his hips and stay on the ball and following through. It’s much better. Better than his minor league swing which had some of the above in it No idea if he will be good. That’s kind of relative when you’re a 53 wrc+ player for almost a full season. No idea if he does have success he’ll be able to continue that when pitchers adjust. It’s more just a step in the right direction. He may actually be able to translate his talent to the field
  6. I love this rays system. It’s entirely possible I’ll have a Lowe - Brujan - Wander infield with McKay in my rotation. Just really fantastic prospects who can give you very different things. For Brujan, even without the power profile (which even then has started to creep up) his on base skills and speed make him a more dangerous Dee Gordon.
  7. I had to move fast this offseason to get the #1 waiver to snag him. Baaaaaarely beat the prospect lists.
  8. Spot on. And not super surprising he is having a hard time vs major league quality sliders. He’s 19 and can already lay off ones outside the zone, so I would expect him to progress as he gets older to having some success against the pitch. Mostly, it isn’t just some revelation pitchers just had on how to beat him.
  9. I don’t think, nearly 300 at bats into his season, that teams would just now look to feed him a healthy diet of breaking balls. I wouldn’t worry too much.
  10. This is an underrated comment right here. Are you saying Bobby Abreu wasn’t special?!?!?!?!?!?!
  11. It wasn’t “around here” who said “nice and good”, it was you. You would then be even more guilty of downplaying what he’s done if you called him “overhyped trash”. This would only enhance my point.
  12. With his gains in walks/batting eye and his known power coupled with his age...this guy is looking like he’s taking a huge, and sustainable, step forward.
  13. This is partially true, but for the Bryant’s of the world. The 19yr olds doing what Vlady and, moreso, Soto, will always be special. Throwing in terms like “nice” and “good” are downplaying what he’s doing. No mental gymnastics will change that. Your theory on future player age curves isn’t actual evidence that what he’s doing isn’t special. Two things can be equally true, so yeah, maybe you’ll see more 18-20 yr olds. You’ll probably see more young guys flame out then ever before, but you won’t see a factory line of Soto’s.