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  1. I am on board with setting a start date in advance. We had planned on starting shortly after the 4th of July last year, but held off while waiting to see if we needed a replacement. Would people be in favor of starting the Monday after the 4th of July? This year, that would be 7/6.
  2. With the championship decided, the draft order for next year has been decided as well. Below is the general order; trades are not taken into account. 1. @merkman_21 2. @Du5t3r 3. @vikingapocalypse 4. @ArmchairGM 5. @Drake 6. @sportsguy21792 7. @Iron-cock 8. @KennyWoo 9. @Boudewijn 10. @DerrickHenrysCleats 11. @Mek Daddy 12. @JMak 13. @megamoviejohn 14. @predator_05
  3. Congrats @predator_05 on winning WLAB 2019! The second title in 5 years and well deserved. A great season to all and to all a great season. Hope to see you all in 2020!
  4. @KennyWoo and I have agreed on a trade. I am trading Devonta Freeman, Devin Funchess, and my 2nd round pick next year for A.J. Green, Dion Lewis, and JMak's 2nd round pick next year.
  5. Turns out that I can't edit picks on Yahoo, so we'll just have to keep track of things manually. I will put this same post on the league site, but here's what I have for 2020 draft pick trades as of now. @Iron-cock 3rd to @Du5t3r (traded for pick 41 of 2018 draft on 7/3/18) @JMak 1st to @vikingapocalypse (traded to KennyWoo with Cousins for Luck/Carr on 5/10/19; traded to vikingapocalypse with 1.10 for 1.04 on 8/1/19) @JMak 3rd to @Du5t3r (traded to KennyWoo with Cousins for Luck/Carr on 5/10/19; traded to vikingapocalypse with another 2020 3rd for 3.04 on 8/5/19; traded to Du5t3r with another 2020 3rd for 3.07 and FA 1.05 on 8/6/19) @predator_05 FA to @Boudewijn (traded with 2.10 for FA 1.01 and 2020 2nd on 8/3/19) @Boudewijn 2nd to @predator_05 (traded with FA 1.01 for 2.10 and 2020 FA on 8/3/19) @DerrickHenrysCleats 3rd to @Boudewijn (traded with Peyton Barber for 2.10 on 8/3/19) @KennyWoo 3rd to @Du5t3r (traded to vikingapocalypse with another 2020 3rd for 3.04 on 8/5/19; traded to Du5t3r with another 2020 for 3rd for 3.07 and FA 1.05 on 8/6/19) @JMak 2nd to @KennyWoo (traded for 3.06 on 8/6/19) @Iron-cock FA to @ArmchairGM (traded with 2019 FA for 3.10 on 8/7/19)
  6. I didn't realize this at the time, so I've gone ahead and reverted the trade on Yahoo. I will update picks on the league page, as well as making a post with all of the trades for next year's draft picks so far.
  7. 4.01 This Team Is Blue - Hunter Renfrow WR OAK4.02 IronCocks - Jace Sternberger, TE - GB 4.03 Little Giants - Josh Reynolds, WR LAR4.04 Unemployed Sofa King - Justin Jackson RB LAC4.05 Pack Attack - Malcolm Brown RB LAR4.06 CreamySteelers - OTC @The-Takeover4.07 El Iguanodon4.08 Sexy Sacks Man4.09 SouthernSteeler4.10 Brady's Forte 4.11 PackersFan4.12 Grey Ghost of Gouda  
  8. The current waiver priority is the one from the end of last year. All good to go already.
  9. I dropped Smith and Cain for you. Ogunbowale is fine, as he was your FA pick.
  10. I'm going to put everybody on waivers so we can run through the normal process. Those will process on Wednesday and then free agents will be eligible to pick up that night. I know there are time zone differences, so I'm proposing 7 PM Central on Wednesday for free agents to be eligible for pick up. Does this work for everybody? EDIT: if you haven't picked up your FA draft picks, please let me know who you want to drop and I will make the move for you.
  11. Round 4 1-Tomwiththeweather- Geoff Swaim TE Jax 2- Unemployed Sofa King- Preston Williams MIA WR. 3- Joiquing Off- Myles Gaskin, RB MIA 4- Kiss My Newton- Irv Smith Jr. TE MIN 5- Ironcocks - Jakobi Meyers, WR NE 6- Wood Dale Bandits - Trayveon Williams RB CIN  7- The Decimators- Riley Ridley WR CHI 8- $1000 Bounty - Tony Pollard RB DAL 9- Somebody Kill Me Pls - OTC @PackersFan1979 10-Houston Targaryens 11-Eliguanodon 12-King Slayers
  12. The FA draft is now open. Same 24 hour time limit for picks. Anybody who is currently a free agent or on waivers is eligible to be drafted. Players dropped during the FA draft are not eligible. FA Draft  1. predator_05 (from Boudewijn) - OTC @predator_05 2. predator_05 (from sportsguy21792) - OTC 3. DerrickHenrysCleats 4. Du5t3r (from vikingapocalypse) 5. vikingapocalypse (from Du5t3r) 6. KennyWoo 7. ArmchairGM (from Iron-cock) 8. ArmchairGM 9. megamoviejohn 10. JMak (from predator_05) 11. Drake  12. merkman_21  13. Mek Daddy  14. JMak
  13. Once @Mek Daddy picks up Mattison and Dexter Williams, the FA draft can begin.
  14. I'm not planning on starting the FA draft until all rookies have been picked up. I want everybody in the FA draft to know exactly who they have to choose from before it starts.
  15. 3.01 This Team Is Blue greenie9595 - Alexander Mattison RB MIN3.02 IronCocks Nick Foles QB JAX3.03 Little Giants Trey Quinn WR WAS3.04 Unemployed Sofa King - Miles Boykin WR BAL3.05 Pack Attack - Ryquell Armstead RB JAC3.06 CreamySteelers - OTC @The-Takeover3.07 El Iguanodon megamoviejohn3.08 Sexy Sacks Man erver53.09 SouthernSteeler southernSteeler3.10 Brady's Forte 3.11 PackersFan PackersFan19793.12 Grey Ghost of Gouda ahoitink