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  1. I'll just leave this here... Don't sleep on this guy as a pass catcher. He is a converted WR and has very good hands. Think they will use him in their potent screen game. Think he will win many fantasy titles tonight as he finally gets an opportunity to shine.
  2. Went into the tent for concussion protocol and passed it. He is fine.
  3. I would take him every time in the 2nd round. One of the few guys with game changing ability that will literally win you weeks.
  4. RW blurb has him practicing in full today but it links to the twitter page that says he will practice but they don't know at what capacity.
  5. I don't know why people are so enamored by Shady - dude is ranked 36th in my PPR league. That is Duke Johnson territory. All he is now is a household name...
  6. All the fantasy pundits saying to "bench Carson this week" yet Penny is a great FLEX play. I dare anyone to play Penny vs the Vikings - you will be severely disappointed.
  7. To be fair, Josh Allen has been pretty great for fantasy purposes. Ranked 6th in my league so not all lost there. Lamar just happens to be having an MVP type season - it's been a great ride and hoping I can cap off this year with a trophy ($$$$)
  8. Playing Monday night makes the decision a bit harder too if he is questionable throughout the week...
  9. It's Monday dude...check back when they practice on Wednesday.
  10. Right before fantasy playoffs too...just beautiful.
  11. He will reel you in with this performance and then kill your team with a 1st quarter hamstring pull in round 1 of playoffs
  12. Obviously all hamstring injuries are not created equal but doesn't have the same merit as the Thielen injury IMO. Thielen could barely walk after getting up and dude was in clear pain on the sidelines. Tyreek was getting work done on the trainer's table and then back to the locker room and eventually came back to the sideline. He was pushing to play but didn't walk with any noticeable limp. Just didn't have the body language of a guy who was seriously injured.
  13. He is going to want to play and any other season where the Raiders are not competitive, he would probably sit but this is a huge division game. Worst case scenario is that he re-injures but just have to hope it is a minor strain and was held out as precaution given the stadium conditions and altitude. Chiefs’ beatwriter did say if last night was an elimination game, he would have played. He was back on the sidelines and never officially ruled out. Bye week certainly helps.