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  1. Cleveland should just move on from him. He has been better this year but he still cannot beat BAL/PIT and that is all that really matters to be honest. Both teams absolutely own him.
  2. Starting him out of necessity due to byes - don’t feel good about it.
  3. dude doesn’t have the frame or toughness to work the middle consistently. Will get hurt again eventually.
  4. I don’t expect big yardage but he is the best GL back in the league so always a threat to punch it in. Steelers only giving up 66 yards per game on the ground but their secondary is leaky so expecting Tannehill to have success via the air.
  5. [...] But in all seriousness, I believe when this injury happened, the average recover time was 4-6 weeks. I believe this would be the 4th week. People are not lying to you when they say he's eligible to return from IR but the likelihood of him actually playing would be very slim IMO. I think if he starts to practice, that would be a win in itself but I wouldn't bank on him playing in a short week.
  6. I would suspect that people who picked him off the waiver wire have him as their WR3/FLEX. He is the perfect guy for that since he will most likely not receive much volume but the big play upside is obviously there. When all 4 WRs are healthy, it remains to be seen what the pecking order will look like but he clearly has the most upside on this team and has a QB who historically just locks onto one guy. His involvement in the offense should give you confidence that he will have a decent floor because they are forcing touches his way. Big Ben only threw the ball 22 times last week in negative game script for the passing game and Claypool still had double digit fantasy points and was very close to having a 3 TD game. The guy just makes play after play...plain and simple. He is converting 3rd downs at a tremendous clip and so it is difficult to see the coaches taking him off the field. Led the WR group with a 78% snap count in week 6 FYI.
  7. Dude got rage dropped in my league this morning - can't even blame the owner. Ertz was always solid for fantasy because he received volume and could get separation. Now, he doesn't either the targets and his skills have seem to regress. Almost zero upside athletically and goes down on first contact...he's become the JAG of TEs.
  8. Check out the play at 1:30 where he almost gets the TD. Catches a ball close to the sideline then cuts inside and then back out. Almost outruns a bunch of defenders and elbow ruled down but a heck of a play here.
  9. Big Ben praises how intelligent he is as well - always understands the situations they are in. What jumped out at me was that he has very strong hands to go along with the elite athleticism and size. It is fun owning a guy with his skillset and role in the offense.
  10. On the winning side of luck tonight. Easy TD drop by Gallup early in the game and then Dalton missed Gallup on 13 endzone fades at the end. Dodged 6 points from Gallup for the win.
  11. Man - it looked like he was in. If they reviewed it, I think they would have given it to him as he did stretch out and hit the pylon with the ball. The kid looks smooth out there. Definitely getting 2013 Josh Gordon vibes minus the mush for brains lol. He looks like the full package IMO.
  12. I don't see how he will be ready on a short week. Maybe an activation from IR and get in some practice but he is only 3 weeks removed from injury. Doubt he is ready and that is a real shame because dude would be an insta-TE1.
  13. haha still early - it will happen one week or another 😄 I used BUF week 1 so I don't have them in my pocket. LAC looks good - at home vs JAX. Just need to see the injury report - hopefully they get some key guys back after the bye week.
  14. There is only 20% of my pool remaining - think we are on track here and larger pools will always go the distance. Double picks week are always tough and will thin out the field very quickly.
  15. Dude is all but gone next season and he is taking a backseat like a pro by praising the young bloods. RW article this morning says he is a buy low...just don’t see it.