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  1. I just traded Henry and T Williams for Golladay the other day. So definitely do this since you have Hooper.
  2. Both trades are pretty good for you. I like Sutton more than Stills. Same with Singletary.
  3. I'd drop Wiliams for Stafford. No K Johnson anymore means they will air it out even more.
  4. Honestly aim for the highest you can get ad work your way down. Probably minimum is Edelman/Chark.
  5. Your Jones and Kittle for Mack or Jacobs and Waller? Do not do that trade.
  6. Goff this week. They vs the Bengals and Ryan vs Seattle.
  7. Bench Gurley. He just is not the same player as before, especially with him splitting carriers to the other backs.
  8. I would not do this trade. You can probably get a little more than Ekeler. Since Gordon came back, he has not put up as much as before.
  9. I'd give Williams one last chance and start Parker (drop Watkins).
  10. I would do it. Godwin has been amazing this season.
  11. Yes, I would get Lockett because you already have Kittle and Wilson beasting this season.
  12. Should I trade T. Williams and H. Henry for K. Golladay? Other WRs on my team: M Evans, A Jeffrey, J Brown, K Stills Main TE: D Waller