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  1. I especially like the part about "these are a great group of guys" and how "they should not be punished due to lack of guidance or leadership". These are not kids, they are grown adults.
  2. Yahoo is reporting the Twins are the 3rd team involved.
  3. This is that kind of post that people save, waiting to post it later if the player is on a hot streak. I see your point though.
  4. Does anyone know of a service that allows you to set-up a online customizable draft board? We usually draft from an Excel app projected on a screen. I really want everyone to be able to draft their own players, from their own devices. It also helps if someone can't make the draft, but can draft from their location. The issue is, we have a lot going on in our drafts with rounds rotating 2 times. Players have salaries, and there is a cap you cannot exceed. None of the sites like ESPN, Yahoo or CBS offers this level of customization on their drafts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. "A game dedicated to a newborn is a beautiful view. Come on, Ricky, come on!" `Google Translate
  6. You're an Orioles fan. Patience should come easy for you.