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  1. In my super flex league we have a team that is 6-0 with 1QB. He has Winston and Jordan Love but neither of those guys have played, so I think you can do it with one QB. If you have the bench space to keep Smith, I would. You just have to play the best match-up in that flex spot. But this is just how I would do it.
  2. That's a close one. I like Crowder more in a PPR, but rainy weather with Flacco at the helm might push me to Gaskin.
  3. How do you deploy them while owing both? Have Drake been your starter and Chase flex?
  4. I think if you win your first claim, you then move to the end of the line. If you lose the first claim, then you keep your position.
  5. I need Allen to score 23 or fewer. If the game was cancelled, his designated back-up Goff would kill me with 30.36 pts.
  6. He had one bad game against a tough Steelers D. In the 2nd game he was averaging 7 YPC before he got hurt. I feel like he was trending upward.
  7. Question for all the Yahoo commissioners out there. Is it possible to make a lineup change as a commissioner, after a game has been played? Looking at using the new designated backup rule that is going around because of Covid. Thanks!
  8. Yeah, whichever one I leave on the bench goes off.