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  1. it would be nice if the writer of the blurb was noted, say, by an initial at the end. i say that because i give more credence to the analysis from some writers than others (e.g., i prefer gallagher to bruski or doc).
  2. Yikes, I tried to forget about that horrid thread. The one and only example you have that I was wrong about. Kudos. Again not baseball and a waiver wire pick up. I never once said we all make bad calls, foulline. i would also note that your analysis is excellent much of the time. my advice...
  3. prospect gurus think that he's maybe a #4-5 on an mlb team... fantasy sp4-5 is a reach
  4. Can you please explain how Powell possibly has "upside"? He's quick? That means nothing. LSH has a 40-time in the 4.4 range. The fact that Powell has less than 50 career NFL and college carries COMBINED does not mean he is some mysterious superstar, it means that he just isn't that talented. A below-average rookie RB behind the worst offensive line in football does not equal upside. fantasy players often confuse upside with the unknown. what they really mean is that they already know what guys such as beanie, benson, and turner bring to the table. that is, they have decided that those guys suck. therefore, they conclude that powell, green, and rodgers must have at least as much upside as the trio mentioned above. of course, they ignore the fact that beanie, benson, and turner start over those guys for a reason...
  5. it's possible for a poor nfl offensive line to support solid fantasy production at running back. sjax has been proving that for a number of years. however, the running backs that perform well in those situations are typically elite talents. moreover, they tend to play on teams that use their rb's heavily. the problem with your argument is that it's based off of a rather large assumption; namely that william powell is a top talent at the position. his is not the pedigree that would support such an argument and a few preseason carries coupled with mop-up duty in college shouldn't be enough to sway you. it isn't enough to sway me... beanie wells is considered to be a talented nfl running back. he size/speed combination alone puts him in the league average starter category. ryan williams hasn't graded out poorly from the reports that i've read. indeed, everything seems to suggest that he's played well despite the poor level of production. the following is analysis of last week's game by jeff tefertiller (from footballguys)- "ryan williams looked very quick in the game... his jump-cuts were effective even though the saint louis defense was in the backfield often". i agree that williams powell is a good speculative add. in fact, (for full disclosure) i added him in my league. however, i think that he's a good ww add due to opportunity and not talent. indeed, powell should be owned in most leagues because he has a good chance at being the starting running back for an nfl team (period). the problem is that you went too far when you said that powell is an elite talent. there's just not a large enough sample to do an adequate valuation on powell's talent level. he's the definition of a lotto ticket. there aren't many players that have burst onto the scene in any professional sport that had little to no track record of success at lower levels.
  6. It isn't that it's impossible to reason with me. It's just that you have weak a** counter points to anything I say. Take this post for example. Your whole argument is that it is impossible to reason with me and that I'm crazy. No facts on William Powell or the Arizona line. Please keep this weak stuff to yourself. there's two general arguments that are being made on this thread: (1) that the cardinals' offensive line (or offense in general) is unlikely to support a productive fantasy running back and (2) that it will support a productive fantasy running back if that running back is william powell. you are the pusher of argument (2). i contend that your argument is quite weak. indeed, your entire argument rests on the notion that william powell is a top talent. you "substantiate" this claim through (highly suspect) statistics such as ypc in college and the nfl preseason. moreover, you made a qualitative argument (of his physical talent) by analyzing one or two highlight clips. these two points are based off of small sample sizes and, hence, your argument (on the whole) is quite weak. you do realize that you're pimping a player who walked-on in college and played on the practice squad till his senior season? moreover, he was a backup in the one year that he saw real action. you do realize that a number of people that get paid to analyze nfl football have concluded that the cardinals' offensive line sucks? you do realize that ryan williams and beanie wells are two well thought of talents? the most reasonable argument is clearly (1). you have picked an event (ie william powell as a stud fantasy rb) that has a very low likelihood of occuring and are arguing for it as if it's a certainty. it makes you seem quite unreasonable
  7. Guys again, Arizona has played some of the best rush stopping defenses in the league ontop of Ryan Williams and Beanie Wells are nothing more than average run of the mill running backs. Also Arizona abandoned the run in every game far too fast to give it much of a chance. That won't be the case against Buffalo. Again I'm not saying this line is a great line, but a below average to average line, yes. They are by no means a bottom 5 offensive line in the league. Let alone the worst line in the league, which many come in here and say they certainly are. Last year Arizona averaged 4.2 yards a carry for 17th in the league. If Arizona puts up big rushing numbers against Buffalo they will all of a sudden be in the middle of the pack for rush yards gained per game and rush yards per attempt. With all due respect man, you are losing credibility every time you talk about there offensive line and it makes it look like you are grasping for straws. They had Levi Brown last year, who in the 2nd half graded out as one of the better left tackles in the league, that is when Arizona's run game really starting coming together (and why he got a big contract extension in the offseason), hence why they went on a little late season run last year, he is lost for the season. They also started a different right tackle. Since then they are starting some free agent off the streets loser who ranks as one of the worst lineman in the league, and a rookie in Massie who was a late round pick and was considered a complete project but has been thrust into action must earlier than expected and is taking his lumps. They are easily the worst line in the league, anyone who has watched a Cardinals game this year can attest to it, Cardinal fans attest to it -- go read there team message boards on espn and blog pages elsewhere. I think you are the last person to really grasp that. FoulLine, I think there are credibility issues here since you you blasted "naysayers" 30 pages ago for not providing facts or reasoning in their assertions. In the spirit of being rigorous in our facts and reasoning, since you have stated that Arizona's o-line is "by no means" bottom 5, are you willing to name five o-lines that you think are worse? it's not possible to reason with foulline, as he's convinced that powell is in the same class as arian foster, priest holmes, terrell davis, and so on. moreover, he strongly believes that beanie and rywill both suck. therefore, he attributes the lack of production in arizona to poor rb play, poor matchups, and poor coaching decisions. we will soon find out if he's better at assessing talent than ken whisenhunt and the rest of the cardinals' coaching staff... foulline's cred is indeed on the line
  8. there's a ton of video on him. it's just that there's not much video of him playing football. indeed, he appears to be a renaissance man of sorts and moonlights as 30's film star. i have posted one of his clips below.
  9. has it been noted yet that powell was a walk-on ksu? moreover, he was a scout team player until his senior season. this guy's cv makes jackie battle and ryan torain look like jack welch
  10. 4BDN

    I hope you stay with the league. You seemed like a good and interesting owner.