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  1. Foul trouble in both halves. Looked good on the court.
  2. he was out here too long as well. That’s bad coaching, and he got that 2nd fouls because of it. this team is strange. They really should be playing through favors via Jrue. Slow it down and kick out. I’ve seen so many plays where a 3 gets jacked up with plenty on the clock, no chance for offensive rebounds etc. oh wait. That’s what the nba is now ☹️
  3. Dude sucks a lot. ... or is the scheme? He was great when Sabonis sat out. Ad I’ve heard he was fun to own last year. whats the deal?
  4. drop? Why? Should be a full slate of games tonight. I don’t recommend dropping
  5. Wow ... that’s some real trolling by Casey. Still starting wood though, I am.
  6. benching MPJ myself ... late GTD with a back soreness. slide Lee in there if you can.
  7. good work. Should be back closer to the 4-6 week diagnosis. Which I believe would have him ready to play next week.
  8. very happy. Super consistent, and was trending up since the start of the season. Get healthy WCJ
  9. do you post in here when he’s doing study things? I’m just asking ...not being a prick at all. It just seems this thread gets pretty quiet when he’s healthy. And then gets flossed with “ugh” posts when he’s hurt. like the poster up above said, he’s most likely all of our 3rd-4th option at the big man position. Should be fine when he sits
  10. Low games tomorrow, who’s the better add: Seth Curry v LAC Delon Wright v LAC Landry Shamet @ DAL (B2B so expecting Kawhi to sit)
  11. so ... pretty much Delon Wright and Dorry finny whatever his name is
  12. Oh balls. Hamstring? I don’t care. Sore vagina? Still don’t care. But lower back soreness? yea im worried now.
  13. yea really ... cheers to you brotha.
  14. this is gold. Keep it up homie ... “take a seat son”? ”don’t let you get your belt”? None of this is serious. But do you ever read what you post? anyways. No more ruining this thread with our quarrels - I’ll see you around the boards Ms. Bottom, I love you.