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  1. Sup fellas and fellettes, Need a little help on this full slate Wednesday. Rank these for me, if you’d be so kind: Cam Reddish v NYK Richaun Holmes v NO Joe Ingles at OKC Jae Crowder v CHA Daily H2H. No particular stats needed, just all around ballin. thanks. Good luck tonight everyone, I’ll do my best once to answer back once this thread heats up.
  2. that song is evil and weird. i hope you are ok, man.
  3. I’d have to believe he’s going to be better - but I don’t know that. I’m still holding. Only because I don’t have a reason to drop
  4. I hear you man .. I suppose I’ve been lucky. Basically the same group of dudes for the last 15+ years - so we don’t have to worry about owners “panic” dropping anyone. all that said though, I’d be hella pissed if I was a good owner, and yahoo told me I couldn’t make a drop.
  5. that’s a real thing? Upgrade your league homie ... not trying to be “that guy” but for real, “can’t cut lists” are for super whack leagues. who is yahoo to tell you who you can’t drop? That’s something to take up with your commish. I’m in yahoo ... as most of us are - and I drop anyone, at anytime. im familiar with that setting though. It’s typically set for leagues that don’t have reliable/capable owners. Geared more towards football I’m guessing - that way some noob doesn’t drop joe Mixon because he ducked for 6 weeks.
  6. Nurkic comes back way sooner than KAT ... anyone thinking of dropping KAT and using your IL for this guy? I mean .. I’m holding KAT just because, it feels like that’s the thing I should do. But if he’s not even going to be “evaluated” until the 23rd, then what’s the point in holding? edit to add: before y’all come in saying pickup Naz Reid or JJ etc etc ... deep league waivers are bare. Basically only streamers available. Nurk is the only potential difference maker, that would provide big man stats
  7. Fair enough. But thanks for the Mike D’Antoni reminder. I feel like Leandro Barbosa can fit in here. With Phoenix AND Dallas. I suppose JJ Berra has his silly season moments as well.
  8. Does Jeremy Lin fit here? ... that was more of a mid season thing - but man, he was a Tim if fun to own during “Lin sanity”
  9. Ahhh ... I think I’ve found one!! Jose Calderon in Toronto, when whomever went down - maybe it was Mike James? regardless ... Jose Calderon was a league winner edit to add: it wasn’t mike James that got hurt - it was TJ Ford. His injury propelled Jose to fantasy relevance
  10. Wonderful thread buddy, brought back so many memories. Trying hard to think of players not mentioned - but I keep thinking about the ones you mentioned. Ramon Sessions. Holy hell was he a championship winner. With the Bucks I think? Ant Randolph usually burned me more than he helped (holding too long and then dropping) Andray Blatche is another great one. Washington? I think Marcon Gortat can fit in here .. those early Orlando Magic days - Dwight was hurt, he cane in and immediately was a top fantasy center.
  11. as I said ... he’s not a pickup yet. Something to watch - tonight actually. I’m not even sure why Brandon knight is on this team. but the fact is, that the pistons are in full on tank mode. Wood owners are celebrating ... and McRae has a real chance to pile up the stats. just stay close to your WW tonight and let’s see how he does - I’m not coercing much. But if he gets legit numbers? Immediate add
  12. At first stated, by @hornrimmed_rambis and supported fully by me ... Crowder heading to Miami was great for him, the Heat, and fantasy owners that added him. I really respect that Heat organization. Riley and Spo really know how to build a culture. That culture is defense, accountability, and hard work. Everything that Crowder brings to the table. i think the HornRimmed_rambis called it perfectly when he said “Spo is going to love this guy” Not going to be a league winner by any account, but if you managed to snag him? He’s going to provide ... I should say exceed his “end of the fantasy bench” expectations. perfect glue guy for All Fantasy teams going forward.
  13. 11 out of 18 drafted are still on my roster. thats pretty much how this thread should be “replied to” it’s hard enough to look up a recipe online without reading about how much Karen’s husband raves about her chicken piccata - give me the fukkkiiin recipe already lady! don’t turn this thread into that, please. Maybe I’m alone on this, but I don’t care what moves you made and when - it IS interesting however to talk about the roster turnover. Just don’t get all “Karen” about it. thanks
  14. while I agree with you .. that “iron man mentality” has come into question this year. He hasn’t been the same since the Embiid scuffle. I still “think” he returns ... whether or not it’s going to benefit us fantasy guys is another story.