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  1. I love tom Brady, I have no doubt the bucs will win it all this year God willing. Tom is on a mission and with his surrounding talent he could end up a top 5 QB moving forward.
  2. My money would be on cam to win mvp, you know it hurt dez to watch that zay Jones td
  3. So the nfl won’t give us commentary free content but they let espn put guy fieri front and center for 15min and take up about 50% of the screen with talking head literal who’s and Twitter reposts?!? Idk if that’s espn or nfl but no wonder the ratings are taking so hard this is horrible tv.
  4. I actually benched Smallwood for him, lacy is legit trash, this line is pretty bad maybe worse then gb was, Rawls is hurt and he won't be right let's face it, I like Cj but look like a cop. One long run and a few good series we have an rb1
  5. come on guys hes a must stash, no brainer, cut your hand cuff, type of guy. riddick didnt make it 5 games, forsett and zenner are now proving jag status unless theyre rythm runners in which case ill doubt they ever get a chance to feel the rythm of the night. Wash could of been late or something who knows, as a zeke, jstew, owner give me him all day over cap or alf.
  6. um holding doubt riddick will hold up, if he shows anytning which I think and hope he does forsett and zenner will not hold him back. 16 teamer to be fair.
  7. its not like the others will all hold up, im holding for possible playoff weapon
  8. Once he gets to a 90-100 pc for a few games in a row he has to get the call
  9. Alteast now he wont be shut down if he makes it up.
  10. hope he gets well soon, don't own him but man he can mash
  11. My guess is he will be up before urias dont they have like 4 lefties? Hes a power rhp who will go prob around 160 ip this year, so figure they skip him a few times and hes up mid july.
  12. bold analysis Sorry, to obvious? Joe Ross dominating is a block also. Looks like he would have to wait for an injury. Happy his inning are being limited. Did nobody else get the "bold" joke? I found it very funny
  13. Now ross has a blister. Its time, its time, its lucas time.
  14. I have a feeling hes up very early may Its gotta be time soon