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  1. That's the first time I've heard of Ke'Bryan Hayes. I suppose I'd hold onto Matt Carpenter. There's a chance he bounces back...Then I'd prefer McKay over Gibson. Better team and higher upside. I think his demotion is just due to the uncertainty of the season. Kyle Gibson does deal with ulcerative colitis and it could pop up again and be an issue (it affected him last year). However, if you do think that's behind him, McKay's role is still in question and Gibson's numbers in the 1st half were solid before the medical issue popped up....oh and I'm not very confident in Shed Log at all.
  2. 12 team auction league. Focused my auction money on my infield and other positions but wasn't able to adequate fill my 3rd outfield position. There are only a few free agents available. Below are 5 I have some interest in. Which of the following outfielders would you take a flier on? Shogo Akiyama Brandon Nimmo Avisail Garcia Nomar Mazara Brian Anderson
  3. How much access does a player have to rehab/trainers in the offseason compared to when they're closer to the team in spring training/the regular season? I can only hope Alvarez is receiving treatment he didn't attempt during the winter (perhaps because he went back home to Cuba and the Astros were confident simple 'rest' would do him well...because the issue wasn't considered significant enough) and he's now on a positive trajectory. Sounds unlikely of a professional athlete's offseason, but it's not a good thing to imagine Alvarez has been rehabbing since last October and still hasn't found resolution. Only positive is that it might be a minor issue and the Astros just want to get it to a 'non-issue.' Also encouraging (if that's the right word) is that he might have already been hampered by his knees last year and still put up MVP numbers. But please, keep him out for the first few weeks or month. I'd far prefer a 100% Alvarez for 4-5 months than an Alvarez at 75% the whole year.
  4. Lol..."are you worried about him?" "No. I heard he's [had this problem] for a long time." Not exactly comforting words as someone who has Yordan. I think I'll be rooting for him to stick at DH, despite wanting that OF eligibility back.
  5. Calhoun's becoming quite the sleeper. I'm seeing his name everywhere. If I can get him again (I had him last year) for cheap, he's certainly a buy but I wonder how much his price will rise in the coming weeks. Anyone disagree with the blurb below from RotoBaller about the new ballpark? RotoBaller Outlook "Calhoun took a step forward in 2019, but his production at the new Globe Life Field may disappoint. In 2019, his .524 SLG at one of baseball’s best parks for hitters was backed by just a .452 xSLG. That spells trouble for Calhoun’s ability to repeat a 40-home run pace, as 21 home runs in 83 games was. Given how much better his results were than his contact in 2019—he also only barreled up 16 baseballs, which should produce closer to 11 home runs than 21—even 30 homers could be difficult. Another issue is that if the Rangers decide to close their roof on hot days, balls will carry less than they did last year. The home run outlook is especially important because Calhoun offers nothing in stolen bases, little in batting average (even with 2019's improvement, he’s a .258 career hitter with a .251 xBA), and doesn’t have a great lineup around him as the Rangers put together a team wRC+ of just 88 last year. Some good news is that the trade of Nomar Mazara to the White Sox should mean fairly safe playing time for Calhoun. Nonetheless, with an ADP of 155, Calhoun isn’t coming at much of a discount for someone with a mere half-season of success under his belt. If he falls a round or two below that, you can start considering him, but give someone else the chance to be overly aggressive first."
  6. I'm good with the 7 you chose plus Bogaerts (I'm assuming he's maybe half his normal price?). But I'd also throw Adell in there, instead of Leclerc. Though I like Leclerc as a sleeper option with high upside at the closer position, there's no guarantee he doesn't continue to be volatile.
  7. Auction League (Keep 4) My options are the following: Gerrit Cole, SP ($30) Ozzie Albies, 2B ($27) Jesus Luzardo, RP currently ($15) Jose Ramirez, 3B ($10) Yordan Alvarez, DH ($1) Mike Soroka, SP ($1) Rhys Hoskins, 1B ($1) A few notes to consider. Pitchers normally go for an astronomical rate. Top 5 pitchers will go for as much as $55-60 every season. So Gerrit Cole is a no-brainer at $30. Then Jose Ramirez has been on my squad for a few years now and even though he slumped big time in the first half last season, he seems like a top 10 hitter when things are going right. Great value at $10. With a $300 budget, I'd like to keep things cheap after that. My gut is to go with both of the hot-name rookies, Soroka & Alvarez. I'm really impressed Soroka and his maturity at 22 years old. And while a lot of experts are screaming regression I'm not sure we've seen the best yet. And then with Alvarez, seems wrong to miss out on a future with a guy who hit 50 homers between Triple A & the major league last season. But unlike Soroka, I do worry a little about a sophomore slump from Alvarez and wonder if I'm underestimating the value of Albies. Second base is such a thin position and is it out the question that he transcends into a superstar on Acuna's level? Guys like Trout, Yelich, Acuna, etc. are price tagged at $50/$55. All in all, right now I'm keeping Cole, Ramirez, Alvarez & Soroka for $42. But would you do otherwise?
  8. No way am I sitting him. I don't think it's understood how talented Sutton is and just how impressive some of his catches have been. Now with Lock throwing him the ball, I expect him to finish the season strong.
  9. I really wouldn't pessimistic about McLaurin. I'm still treating him like a WR3 with upside ROS. His lack of productivity isn't surprising. He's balled out, for the most part against the Eagles, Cowboys, Bears and Dolphins (didn't play against the Giants) and still managed at least 40 yards against the gauntlet of Stephen Gilmore, Xavier Rhodes, Tre'davious White and the 49ers in the pouring rain. Now McLaurin plays the following pass defenses: Jets (7th worst) Lions (14th worst) Panthers (10th worst) Packers (solid pass defense) Eagles (6th worst) Giants (3rd worst) All Haskins has to do is get him the ball. I wouldn't worry about the Redskins running too much. They'll want Haskins to get comfortable.
  10. Here's my roster QB - Philip Rivers WR - Kenny Golladay WR - Courtland Sutton WR - Terry McLaurin RB - Saquon Barkley RB - Melvin Gordon TE - George Kittle W/R - David Montgomery BENCH QB - Jacoby Brissett BENCH RB - Matt Breida, Darrell Henderson BENCH WR - Diontae Johnson Recently lost Desean Jackson & Sterling Shepard to injury. Would you trade Breida to acquire Marquise Brown? I love Breida but obviously doesn't necessarily crack my lineup and I'm not sure how healthy Brown is. Marquise owner is also willing to throw in Foles after Brissett's injury, who has a good schedule down the stretch.
  11. Would DJ Moore be asking for too much? Besides Shepard, the team I am trading with has DJ Chark, Tyreek Hill, Brandin Cooks, DJ Moore. Understandably, Chark, Hill or Cooks would be asking too much, IMO.
  12. 14 team league. Lineup requires 3 starting WRs. My starting WRs are Terry Mclaurin, Kenny Golladay, and Courtland Sutton. My bench has only Desean Jackson and Dionate Johnson. My strength is RB & TE while I have both the Steelers Defense and the Bears Defense. Obviously the Bears Defense was the best in the league last year but they haven't been nearly as dominant and the Steelers look like they might be top 5 themselves, especially with their upcoming schedule. Would you pull the trigger on Shepard, despite concerns of him getting back on the field (concussion protocol the last few weeks)? The team I'm trading with is in 1st place and currently has the Titans as his defense.
  13. With Coleman back, I think Wilson is a safe drop. The 49ers were using Coleman at the goaline before he got hurt. This was the Rotoworld blurb on September the 24th. The Athletic's Matt Barrows believes 49ers RB Jeff Wilson could be inactive when Tevin Coleman (ankle) returns. Coleman might be active Week 5 when the 49ers come off this week's bye, and then coach Kyle Shanahan will have to decide if he wants to keep four running backs active on gamedays. Shanahan believes Coleman can handle Wilson's goal-line job and Coleman was the No. 1 back before his injury, so Wilson very well could be on the outside looking in. If Coleman's return is relayed, Wilson would be a touchdown-dependent RB3/4.
  14. I already have George Kittle in my TE spot. Would you rather flex Matt Breida against the Browns on MNF or flex Darren Waller against the Bears defense? I'm leaning Waller, but I'm worried the Raiders won't even move the ball downfield.
  15. I have both. I don't trust Diontae to have 3 consecutive games with a touchdown, especially since it's the Ravens and it could be a low scoring rivalry game. On the other hand, I think what the 49ers have been doing is fairly underrated so far. I think they'll prove on Monday to be a true contender with another good showing against the Browns. Not to mention they've had an extra week to prepare. With that said, it is a toss-up and I'm in a situation where I have to start both.