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  1. Bauer is pissed as MLB didn't postpone the game until 8 minutes before the start time, AFTER both starting pitchers warmed up in bullpen. Wonder if he will start tomorrow.
  2. The defending two time Cy Young award winner only had 11 wins in 2019 and 10 wins in 2018. Anyone know how many wins he lost on blown saves last year? Did the Mets upgrade their bullpen or just hoping Diaz returns to respectability? Would like to see Jake get at least 15 wins this year.
  3. Alright thanks for the info. I need every point I can get this week in the semis 😧
  4. Not sure if this guy is off limits in this forum but any Brewers homers know why he wasn't called upon for the save tonight at Miami? He pitched last on Sunday so I would have thought he would have been available. Instead Drew Pomeranz, yes Drew Pomeranz came in for the save.
  5. Boomstick is in the lineup today. Has good numbers vs the next three pitchers, though the week is full of good opposing pitchers. Anyone confident Cruz will play all week?
  6. CBS says he is only expected to make 3 more starts the entire rest of the regular season. With three weeks left that would be 1 per week. So I am guessing his Sunday start will be pushed to next Tuesday. You have to start him anyways but would be nice to get two starts in the playoffs. If he does get pushed back again to next Tuesday, he won't get two starts that week either as the Dodgers only have 5 games scheduled.
  7. Yes the player who is the second fastest player to reach 100 Hrs in MLB history sucks. You must play in a batting average only, noncatcher league.
  8. Cole grew up in Orange County. Went to UCLA. Met his wife at UCLA. I'm guessing Angels will give him whatever he wants to come back home.
  9. Cole went from 2 starts this week to 1 start to ? Per Sporting news: Gerrit Cole will not pitch against the White Sox on Tuesday. The Astros righty - and American League Cy Young contender - was warming up for Game 2 of a double-header against the White Sox when he promptly stopped. He was in the bullpen but left and went to the dugout pointing at his leg in the process. 😭
  10. Left due to left wrist injury suffered while swinging the bat. 😨
  11. Rockies website shows Marquez is starting on Tuesday.
  12. Have drafted him later than expected the last two years and this guy produces. Will miss games due to interleague play and injuries but if he is healthy you have to start him. I am in a weekly head to head league and I started him knowing he would'nt play in the first three games at Miami. He rewarded me with 37 pts thru Saturday. Play this man whenever you can!!!!!
  13. To other points weekly league players, the Rockies just optioned Chi Chi Rodriguez to the minor leagues. Rodriguez was scheduled to pitch on Sunday. It just makes sense that with the days off yesterday and Thursday that the playoff contending Rockies send out their best pitcher Marquez on Sunday on normal rest at Arizona to give him two starts for the week. At least I hope (fingers crossed). I'm taking the plunge.
  14. Any Rockies homers know if Marquez might get a second start next week before the playoff break? Rockies are off on Monday and Thursday and Marquez pitches on Tuesday. Rockies might want to give their best pitcher an extra start before the break.