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  1. FA Draft 1. '99 St. Louis Rams - Matt Cassel QB KC 2. The Lucky Ducks (Duckman from megamoviejohn) - Ryan Williams RB ARI 3. LET ME IN THIS LEAGUE (Cdnfan fron fontaine) - Jacob Tamme TE DEN 4. Fatal Exception (fata13ception) - Cameron Wake DE MIA 5. KTOWNRACER - Jonathan Dwyer RB PIT 6. Pack Attack (sportsguy21792) - Dallas Clark TE TB 7. Kyser (Drake) - Kamerion Wimbley DE TEN 8. The Lucky Ducks - Ronnell Lewis DE,LB DET 9. Abusement Park (Longhorn143) - OTC 10. El Iguanodon (megamoviejohn from Benji) - 11. Bilbo Baggin Ballers (ISuckTDs) - 12. Harbaugh Warriors (sfdevil) - 13. LET ME IN THE LEAGUE (CdnFan) - 14. Lil Bishes (Drater)
  2. Oh wait, there are 3 rookie rounds, aren't there? I was thinking Round 3 was FA draft Round 1. My bad!
  3. Just noting here... I mentioned it once, but it seems it got missed. I should have the 1.02 FA pick that I got from (formerly) Darkstar Dragons. Either that, or I should get my Rookie 1.08 pick back. Thanks!
  4. Shouldn't I have Round 3.02 which used to be Darkstar Dragons pick based on the trade for my 1.08 pick?
  5. Round 1 01. Darkstar Dragons [from Soulcrusher via '99 St. Louis Rams] Trent Richardson RB CLE 02. Bilbo Baggin Ballers (from Soulcrusher via Darkstar Dragons) Doug Martin RB TB 03. Abusement Park (via TDs N' Beer) Robert Griffin III QB WAS 04. Fatal Exception Andrew Luck QB IND 05. Abusement Park (from Fatal Exception via KTOWNRACER) David Wilson RB NYG 06. Pack Attack Justin Blackmon WR JAC 07. Abusement Park (from Fatal Exception via Kyzer) Isaiah Pead RB STL 08. Darkstar Dragons (via The Lucky Ducks) Coby Fleener IND 09. Abusement Park - Kendall Wright WR TEN 10. Lil Bishes (from Soulcrusher) Russell Wilson QB SEA 11. Darkstar Dragons (from Soulcrusher via Bilbo Baggin Ballers) Ryan Broyles WR DET 12. Harbaugh Warriors Robert Turbin RB SEA 13. Ink Inc- Josh Gordon WR CLE 14. Abusement Park - Ronnie Hillman RB DEN Round 2 1. '99 St. Louis Rams - Ryan Tannehill QB MIA 2. Darkstar Dragons - Chris Rainey RB PIT 3. TDs N' Beer - Alshon Jefferey WR CHI 4. KTOWNRACER - Lamar Miller RB MIA 5. KTOWNRACER - Vick Ballard RB INDY 6. Pack Attack - LaMichael James RB SF 7. Kyzer - Michael Floyd WR ARZ 8. The Lucky Ducks - Reuben Randle WR NYG 9. Abusement Park - OTC 10. Bilbo Baggin Ballers (from Soulcrusher) 11. Pack Attack (from Bilbo Baggin Ballers) 12. Harbaugh Warriors 13. CdnFan 14. Lil Bishes Round 3 1. Motorcity Monsters 2. TBA 3. TDs N' Beer 4. Fatal Exception 5. KTOWNRACER 6. Bilbo Baggin Ballers (from Pack Attack) 7. Kyzer 8. The Lucky Ducks 9. Abusement Park 10. Fatal Exception (from Soulcrusher) 11. Bilbo Baggin Ballers 12. Harbaugh Warriors 13. CdnFan 14. Lil Bishes
  6. I am confirming the trade listed above between Darkstar Dragons and my team (Lucky Ducks). Sorry for the middle of the night response - I was not able to get back to my computer until 2am.
  7. Thanks for the help. I'm used to baseball, where they are still considered a rookie even if they played a few games the year before.
  8. Since it's been a while, what are the rules for the rookie draft? How are we defining a "rookie"? Obviously, someone new this year is a rookie...but what if someone only played 1 game last year, are they considered a rookie? Also, rookies may not be in Yahoo because they're not on the pro team at the moment. Can we still select them? Also, is there an easy way to tell who are Rookies? I don't pay close attention to guys who just went pro...
  9. I just got the message that the draft was changed to today. I'm aware, but not so prepared (that was my plan for the weekend). I'm also out for most of the day today - I'll do my best to keep things moving.
  10. I am passing on a FA draft. I'm going with my team for now.
  11. Geesh, when I got the email at 2pm on Wednesday I thought I was just getting on the clock, not that I was overdue by a day... I made my pick above.
  12. Round 2 1. Long Island Iced T's Jonathon Baldwin KC, WR 2. Fatal Exception Leonard Hankerson WAS, WR 3. Fort Dick Woodies Titus Young DET, WR 4. Bilbo Baggin Ballers Delone Carter INDY, RB 5. Lil Bishes - Alex Green GB, RB 6. TDs N' Beer [via trade] - Blaine Gabbert JAX, QB 7. Abusement Park - Andy Dalton CIN, QB 8. Cobra Kai [via trade] - Jake Locker TEN, QB 9. Iron Mike's Warriors [via trade] - Kendall Hunter SF, RB 10. Fatal Exception [via trade] - Mikel LeShoure DET, RB 11. The Lucky Ducks - Taiwan Jones OAK,RB 12. Long Island Iced T's [via trade] - OTC 13. Pack Attack [via trade] 14. Cobra Kai