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  1. Will all these games getting changed, it would be really good to get that substitute list idea implemented. I'd be willing to help with it.
  2. Sounds like a fair bit of work for a free league but cool idea.
  3. Agreed, other than I don't think any of us thought to preplan for covid IR players. This is essentially why I aggressively pushed for a 6 playoff team league. Over 50% most likely means a team with a losing record makes it. Then again an 8 team bracket is pretty clean and could have some dark horse upsets. I'm good either way.
  4. This league was initially an 8 team playoff league and I pushed to make it a 6 team playoff league which it is now. Knowing how competitive the league is, I wonder if it would be good to push a back to 8 teams. Maybe a vote next year? 8 in a competitive 14 team league really isn't that bad.
  5. I would normally feel the same way under normal circumstances. This COVID stuff is unpredictable and makes you have to adjust on the fly though. We have healthy benches so it's pretty manageable but I think it's fair to have exceptions for this specific season.
  6. We're going to need extra COVID IR spots with how things are going.
  7. Last week is one of those losses that hurt big since I should've won but completely my fault not being available to update my roster. Melvin Ingram hits the IR and I have Sweat on my bench get 12 pts. Davante Adams injured, who isn't on my team but I'm not around to start Lazard over Jeudy. Difference of about 27 pts, lost by 14. Manager mistakes, gotta live with em.
  8. Hey guys I'm potentially looking for 2 to fill my Yahoo redraft league. It's free, draft Sunday. I think a couple guys from this league are in it. Let me know!
  9. Only in a deep keeper like this would Gabriel Davis, a guy who is probably behind Diggs, John Brown, Beasley, McKenzie, Knox, Singletary, and Duke Williams, be a main topic of discussion.
  10. Gabriel Davis picked up twice before 7 PM CT. Popular man.
  11. Oh yea you're right. @Du5t3r @JMak what you guys doing? lol
  12. This was the same as previous years. "After waivers take place" means you can go through waivers first if you're willing to use your priority then all players are unlocked at 7 PM CT.
  13. I'm pretty sure he resets it to be the proper order so you should be fine.
  14. Yea I think you're right. You will get a chance to use your waiver priority first. Then there will be a date set for the free for all.
  15. You did get Juju last pick of the 1st round though. And then you basically owned the 1st round of the next year which included you getting Chubb, DJ Moore, Sony.