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  1. I would be shocked if Verdugo isn't the everyday RF when healthy. He's a great defensive OF with a cannon arm, perfect fit especially at fenway. I expect Pillar to split with JBJ.
  2. I mean, Allen isn't exactly a great QB, and Beasley is what he is, so this is pretty typical.
  3. Playing against Lamar, as i'm sure many of us are here, and it feels as bad as expected. I was hoping for the Balty Defense to make up for it but so far no bueno.
  4. Please yes ot....or Ertz td here. My matchup is tied... And the tiebreaker is playoff seed so I lose. Wtfffffff
  5. Alshon injury may have given me life...Sorry alshon owners, I need this more than you do!
  6. As someone who needs to come back from down 14 with Ertz...I am losing my mind over that play...
  7. This is the worst officiating crew in the league, boger is a joke. They aren't supposed OT blow those plays dead.
  8. It's simple, playing close or ahead, Sony and burkhead time. Playing from behind big, white time.
  9. The fact that the patriots got messed up by this Texans teams just shows me how mediocre they really are this year. I'm sad.
  10. Great point. These forums are pointless. But it is fun. It's about 85% luck based activity in H2H leagues. You can have the best, highest scoring team in a league and miss playoffs. I'm on a 6 game losing streak after starting 6-1, 2nd highest pts scored in the league, and 4 of the 6 losses were when I scored the 2nd most points in that week.
  11. Same as people who bet on games, roulette, slots, craps, etc. It's still a fun activity that gives a nice rush when you win and depression when you lose.
  12. Immediately ruling him out signals to me a torn hammy. Toast. As is my playoff run even if I win today lol.