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  1. Really? Tate never crossed my mind. Think Shepard is going to eat into his role?
  2. With TY Hilton coming back for tonight's game, who should I drop to get him off the IL? QB - Lamar Jackson WR - TY Hilton, Golden Tate RB - Christian McCaffrey, Melvin Gordon TE - Travis Kelce W/R/T - Tevin Coleman Bench - Deshaun Watson, Hunter Henry, Marvin Jones, DeVante Parker, Ronald Jones, Deebo Samuel K - Gay / DEF - Pittsburgh I picked up Jacob Hollister this week, since both Kelce and Henry are on byes. So I'll drop him once the week is over, but that doesn't help me much now. Seems like I should drop Gay and drop one of either Deebo or Ronald Jones as Sunday approaches?
  3. I like Brown the most, but, as you said the weather is scary as it could hinder an already inaccurate Allen when it comes to the downfield passes. That does concern me, on both fronts. With Everett there is the worry of the low floor and a lot of mouths to feed. Not to mention, the Rams might just run the ball a lot when they get up big (assuming they do). So I guess I'd lean with Brown, though, if the weather gets any worse I go with Everett. Also I'd go Murray over Brissett.
  4. I like Williams if Allen is indeed out, which it sounds like he is.Brown if Allen plays, but that weather kinda scares me. Kirk and Everett for the second.
  5. The weather is a bit scary, but I'd go with Allen as well.
  6. A lot of leagues require a player to be on the roster for at least a day before they hit waivers again. So if you add and then drop somebody immediately, they go back to being a free agent and don't have waivers put on them again. Commish should have known about that.
  7. Have CMac and Lataivius Murray as my starting RB's this week. Who do you like in the flex spot? Tevin Coleman, Melvin Gordon or Hunter Henry?
  8. McLaurin is a rather obvious start in most situations/weeks, and there might be some garbage time stats to bump up his value this week. But I'd be worried about his health and the fact that Belichick might do his best to take him away given he's one of the few weapons the Redskins have. Not to mention the iffy QB situation, I think I'd go with Samuels and Sanders by default.
  9. You've got quite a good core of RB, especially in a 12-team. TY's a pretty nice upgrade. I'd almost ask for another smaller piece, if possible. But I wouldn't be upset for a Mack/TY deal straight upl, especially given Mack doesn't do much on passing downs for a PPR league.
  10. He's at 0-4 so he needs to make a move. Best players he has outside of Kamara are Kittle, Tyler Boyd, David Montgomery and Damien Williams. Not sure if he'd be willing to part with any of them to replace Landry. I'd really like Kamara, obviously. But I think he's going to try to make me overpay considering he's 0-4 and pretty much wants a new roster. His QB is Kyler.
  11. Definitely a risk/reward prop. Williams is far more valuable, if McCoy or Damien were to get hurt again as Reid seems to value his knowledge of the offense and blocking ability over others in the KC backfield. But Jones has more value than Wiliams as a third stringer. I question if McCoy and Damien can stay healthy all season......so I really grind my teeth at pulling the trigger. But Ronald seems to have overtaken Barber, so I think I'd reluctantly pull the trigger.
  12. I like Kittle too, especially in the bright lights of Monday night and the fact you can counter a lot of Jimmy.
  13. Okay, so two questions. This is my roster in a 10-team, .5 PPR money league.I'm currently 2-2 but have the most points scored in the league. Sadly, I also have the luck of having the most points scored against me in the league. QB - Lamar Jackson WR - Robert Woods, Josh Gordon RB - Christian McCaffrey, Melvin Gordon TE - Travis Kelce W/R/T - Wayne Gallman Bench - Deshaun Watson, Miles Sanders, Sterling Shepard, Golden Tate, Alshon Jeffery, Devin Singletary, Darell Williams K - Gould / DEF - Buffalo I've been offered Alvin Kamara and Jarvis Landry for my Lamar Jackson, Melvin Gordon and Josh Gordon. So two questions. 1) I should decline that, correct? 2) I have both Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson. Should I try to counter with something like Deshaun Watson, Melvin Gordon and Josh Gordon? Or is that too much?
  14. Ugh - tough call but I'm going Danny by a touch.