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  1. Ugh. I don't really see any drop, outside of Weaver, who I also think can bounce back moving forward. There is the Green drop as well, but, I'm a firm believer in using unique league rules to your advantage gives you a nice leg up. I'd actually probably drop Green over Weaver in a pure talent for talent swap, going into 2021 and forward. But I don't think I could quit Green's SP eligibility as it gives you a nice advantage. At some point, there will likely be an arm that comes up you'll be able to snag who'll give you somewhat similar production as Weaver if you really want to make the drop. Thanks for mine!
  2. Any other options before I decline?....as Yelich goes 0-3 with another 3 K's lol
  3. Yeah, I'm hesitant...seems like Yelich has the best chance to get hot in the final week or two, but I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something.
  4. I'm locked into the #1 or #2 seed in the league, two week playoffs start Monday. Redraft. Was offered Corey Seager and Jesse Winker for my Christian Yelich. Currently have Correra at SS. League counts OBP%, so both Yelich and Winker have some extra value there, though Winker does have a hurt back and has been awful lately. Do I make the deal? Really, it's just a matter of who is going to have the better possible two week stretnch.....
  5. Ended up getting him and dropped Hampson. Thanks everybody.
  6. So with Bud Black playing yo-yo with Hampson now - benched two consecutive games, are we still split on Hampson and La Stella?
  7. I'd think about that offer if I was him, but like it for you. I'd offer it, especially if they're seeking depth.
  8. I like Hicks the best of the bunch with Tapia a distant second.
  9. So Ketel Marte was dropped this morning and I should be able to get him off waivers as I have the #2 slot and #1 isn't very active. League is kinda weird - negative points for K's, also has OBP%, SLG%, and put out categories Who do I drop for Marte? Trent Grisham (OBP% and steals are nice, but slumping) Garret Hampson (eligible for the exact same positions as Marte; at the top of the Rockies lineup) Tommy La Stella (doesn't ever strike out and gets put outs when he's at 1B, both of which are highly valuable in this league) Kyle Tucker (should have the starting job with Yordan done for the year) I'm leaning towards Grish or Hampson? Ironically enough, they've all been significantly better than Marte thus far in the short season.
  10. Not overly thrilled that Acuna is out, which can't be considered good news for Freeman. And Goldy will get a lot of double headers moving forward. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either combo as their stats are likely going to be similar come season end, but gun to my head I probably take the Jose/Goldy side due to the volume of extra games and Jose's ability to get a few more counting stats than Bogaerts. But it's really close, regardless.
  11. I was worried about Glasnow's nasty schedule with his current struggles, Muncy's finger and Vlad's lack of lifting the ball. But perhaps I should stick with what I have. Thanks!
  12. It's a bit of a weird league - OBP, SLG, Put outs (so 1B has lots of value), negative points for K's. Which side do you like in a redraft... A ) Glasnow, Muncy, Vlad JR B ) Madea, Yuli, Max Kepler Glasnow has looked awful and that schedule looks terrible coming up....that's my main concern.
  13. Who would you rather have in a 12 team, OBP and SLG league that also counts negative points for K's? Jesse Winker or Dylan Carlson?
  14. Which side do you like more this season? Yelich/Alonso or Trout/Harper