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  1. Am I crazy?? Could swear I saw him running across the field a few plays after he came off with the injury
  2. How would you feel about this trade? .5 ppr Keeper Trade A) I would trade Jacobs & Arob for Lamb & Swift OR Gordon. My main objective is to get Lamb. Looking to get younger at WR who imo will EXPLODE sooner rather than later. Thinking this is the last time to buy before he's in the top 3 convo every year Trade B ) I trade Jacobs & Kupp for Montgomery & Jefferson.. Same idea just like Lamb a bit more than Jefferson and I'm not sure Jefferson will be in the same WR class as Lamb once they are in year 2 and 3. What do you guys think? I also, have D.Johnson and Godwin. Thoughts?
  3. So I was offered Henry-Crowder-Drake for Godwin and J.Jacobs. .5 ppr. Kinda in between on this. What do you guys think? I also have Kupp D.Johnson and Arob at WR and I own Edmonds. A.Jones is my other RB along w/James White and D.Harris. Thoughts on the swap?
  4. his 3.9 yards per yesterday is a bit eye popping.. Hasn't look overly explosive at all in the 1st 2 games. Maybe the NFL game needs to slow down a bit
  5. Thinking about it.. What are our expectations?
  6. It's truly insane.. Like wtf are they thinking?? They love Gio. Give Mixon the ball and let him make plays..
  7. Could see him having a 2005 Mike Anderson type season. 215-220 carries 1050 10... I think SF will run a lot
  9. Jesus.. Wouldn’t want to tackle him. Enough skills to take over in 2021?
  10. Will he have a 2nd start this week vs Mia?
  11. What are we looking at for this guy? Looks like he will face Tor then Balt. I have to be honest, i'm a tad worried about starting this guy @either... Just not sure what kind of inn/PC we are looking at. Any thought/info?
  12. Reviewing the Brew @ReviewngTheBrew · 4m Anderson to the IL, that puts Corbin Burnes as the Crew's No. 2 starter and pitching on Saturday against the Cubs