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  1. Judge. Vlad hasn't hit Major League pitching.
  2. You have a win now team. Why would you do this? If you want to trade J-Tur, Greinke, Price, Hamels and D-Mur also I can support this. Either GO for it now or take the deal and trade these players who probably have 1-2 more good years as well. Help?
  3. H2H, keep forever. Keep 5. R, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP W, L, SV, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS No brainers: G Stanton A Benintendi A Bregman Pick 2: E Encarnacion T Pham M Smith J Turner Most leagues rank E5 up but I really feel he's over-ranked. He's injury-prone, his .AVG falls every year and he's still in Seattle. UGH. I like Pham and Turner, and will draft for the future. Thoughts? WHIR.
  4. Doubtful they'll let him go past 60 pitches or so.
  5. Tanaka on a short leash. If he 'has it', he'll give you 6-7 lights out innings. If he doesn't, make it a bullpen game. Save Happ and Severino for game 1/2 against Boston.
  6. Rodon. Gray (especially since I SAT him on Monday and started him yesterday).
  7. And H2H 12HR prob 40SB .300AVG multi-position eligible? That's top 20 material.
  8. Gardner? Yanks will NOT pickup his option. They have Judge - Hicks - Stanton as starters with Ellsbury (remember him?) and Frazier waiting in the wings. Yanks might also go after Harper to get a power LHB. Harper might shift to 1B. McNeil will turner into Justin Turner 2.0. I'm all-in next year.
  9. This guy reminds me of Justin Turner.
  10. Won 2 leagues last night, and am in the finals of 2 other leagues. One the leagues was a close one. Trailed Ks 65-70 and Qs 4-6, and was down 7-8 before Sunday. Since this is a Yahoo league a draw would have been a loss also (me being the lower seed). I had Snell going and picked up Ryan Borucki. My opponent had Matz and Cobb. At the end I won Ks by 1 points 81-80 and tied QS 6-6 giving me a 8-7 victory. Thanks Ryan Borucki! What a season.
  11. Oh man, I'm starting him @COL tonight in my championship week.
  12. In fantasy BB Scherzer should be the top pitchers due to consistency, wins, Ks, Qs, health. Sale's health scares me. Severino needs to proof he can sustain a full level of SP1 production. Verlander I don't trust due to his age. deGrom has a career year but he's also in his 30s. MadBum and Kershaw are on the decline. That leads me to Snell and Nola (why isn't he mentioned?). Next year I will target Snell or Nola as my ace. My guess is 2nd/3rd rounders? I'll leave Scherzer/Sale/Verlander/Madbum/Kershaw as a headache (too high of a pick) to everyone else drafting.
  13. Stanton, go get them tonight against E-Rod (LHP).
  14. TB is relying on their BP too much, PLUS they're still on the fringe of the second WC. I'm guessing a 2 start week.
  15. Picked up Adalberto Mondesi in all my playoffs leagues. He's a top 20 player for the last 2 weeks.
  16. [Removed Cool Story] Wow. Will be a 2019 sleeper and keeper in dynasty leagues. Stud.
  17. Bad - Keeper decisions: League 1 (keep 5): kept W Contreras. UGH League 2 (keep 5): kept W Myers, G Sanchez, R Ray. Another UGH at catcher. Good - draft choices in those leagues (made it to the playoffs that are starting next year) League 1: J Turner League 2: Baez, Snell, Merrifield
  18. He sat yesterday's double-header and is sitting today also vs RHP. What's going on?
  19. Thanks for helping me. Trade the older guys, like Greinke