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  1. I'm guessing he'll be back in 2 weeks.
  2. Bregman for me. Power is much easier to find these days. Bregman gives you youth, speed, average and position flexibility.
  3. Hopefully he's back. I almost dropped him in a few of my shallow redraft leagues. Glad I held on!
  4. They won't with rosters expanding on Friday.
  5. As per CBS: Herrera (hamstring) took batting practice Saturday and could soon be activated from the disabled list, Matt Gelb of The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Herrera was eligible to return from the disabled list Friday, but the Phillies are being conservative with him to avoid any aggravation to his left hamstring. Pedro Florimon has started in center field the past two games while Herrera has been sidelined.
  6. Any news? Or do they keep him on the DL until Sep-1?
  7. I got Jose Ramirez LF, Springer CF, Ozuna RF, Adam Jones OF, Util open Can't drop any SPs due to league format
  8. Thanks for helping me. Deal #1: No Deal #2: Hell Yes.
  9. All 3 are available (10 player league). Which one do you prefer? I'm leaning Gurriel. Thanks and WHIR
  10. I'll hold until the end of the next home-stand. That should give us a better indication. The talent is there, and Coors Field can do wonders...
  11. Does anyone know about a time table for Price? I have him sitting in a precious DL slot, and the semis are about 5 weeks out.
  12. Looks like the Astros aren't taking any chances, which sucks for this week but is good in the long run.
  13. In one of my leagues (14 player, keep 5 forever) I kept: Stanton E5 Arrieta Lucroy Dahl I would say Lucroy is the biggest bust, but Dahl actually wins for bust of the year. Luckily I had a great draft so I'm in contention this season. But definitely Dahl wins IMO.
  14. Any updates? Is he in the line-up today?
  15. What's your point? It's obvious what's going on in this league.
  16. Very excited about this move. I agree with ^^^
  17. I kept him as my 5th and final keeper in my 14 player league. Oh, and I also kept Lucroy. I know, I know. My team was terrible last year.
  18. Got absolutely destroyed again. He must be injured again: he really has fallen off a cliff.