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  1. You guys aren't concerned he'll turn into Buxton 2.0?
  2. Even in keeper leagues? Riiiigghht..
  3. Not sure why you're mentioning Lucroy. He has been terrible and I actually dropped him in a league where I also own Contreras. Catching has been terrible, and JT a pleasant surprise
  4. So Dahl/COL screws us again. He's off the DL so now I need to sacrifice a bench slot?
  5. What makes you think Britton is not healthy? What makes you think Brach is better than Britton? What makes you think a team like the Nats don't need an elite closer, just "a closer. Period."? <smh>
  6. Britton is an elite closer. He seems to be fine after his injury.
  7. I think he'll be fine after the ASB but Bour has tremendous upside also... Hope it works out for you.
  8. Doubtful. A closer like Britton requires an absolute top prospect in return, and why would LAD give this up if their bullpen is already good. WSH needs Britton. Obviously. Unfortunately there's bad blood between BAL and WSH. Make it happen, WSH...
  9. Usually I'm cautious, but this is MadBum. @SD. It's a no-brainer.
  10. He'll be a top 20 player for sure.
  11. Getting first round performance out of a third rounder IS a value pick
  12. Think Ellsbury when he was younger
  13. I'm not concerned. It's rehab. As long as they don't rush him back.
  14. All depends. Are you in contention? Keepers? But either way, in such a deep league it's a no-brainer
  15. With all the negativity here I wonder how he hit 2 HRs the other day. Luck?
  16. Didn't Freeman have the same injury? Assuming he will be back next week he was out for 6 weeks (expecting 8). Either way, I don't think he'll be back before the end of August at the earliest. Wow.
  17. Looking at 100 R, 200 H, 15 HR, 60RBI, 25 SB, .300AVG for the season. Can't call him a 5 cat star with the low HRs and RBIs, but his current ADP 78 sounds about right.
  18. George Springer (hand) hopes to be in the lineup Friday against the Mariners. Advice: Springer lobbied to stay in Thursday's game after taking a pitch off his left hand but was overruled by manager A.J. Hinch. His X-rays came back negative and the Astros are hoping he'll be available for Friday night's series opener. The Astros appear to have dodged a major bullet here.
  19. Be smart. I expect him back at the end of July, and he'll help you during the playoffs. In a shallow league, drop. If you can hold, do so.
  20. As a Yankee fan, I don't have rivalries in fantasy. Last year I owned Ortiz in a number of leagues. This year I invested in Benintendi. I don't care, as long as I win. On a side note, the AL East will be fun the next few years. Both Boston and NY have some exciting talent.
  21. Plenty of streaky players around. Harper is another great example.