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  1. Josh Okogie is more productive than Wiggins and Thibs finally gives a longer leash to his rookies with Okogie becoming the team's 6th man in place of Crawford.
  2. My bold call. This is actually Mitchell Robinson who is undrafted in most leagues and becomes one of the hottest pickups very early in the year. I do think Jarrett Allen will do good in this area too though.
  3. I guess when I say it's not that serious is because I still get so much joy out of watching the totality of NBA basketball. I still enjoy the playoff rounds leading up to the inevitable failed slaying of the Warriors Dragon, just to see who ends up with the opportunity (honestly didn't think it was going to be Lebron again at the beginning of the playoffs, lol.) I also know that it is still going to come to an end one way or another, like all previous dynasties. So, yes, it is redundant and yes what the Warriors have built is so far and above everyone else that the playoffs (the Finals, really) aren't that compelling, but I also realize I'm witnessing a piece of NBA basketball history, so I appreciate that for what its worth.
  4. And that's exactly why I posted what I posted. Some of the hate thrown around just seems way over the top and unnecessary and, because of human nature, wouldn't happen if people were on the other side of the fortune. Like I said, I like competitiveness and believe in it wholeheartedly. I just don't think what's going on with the Warriors is that serious, and that's probably because I look at basketball in a different way. To me, each individual game is its own enjoyment and a mini battle to view. Yes, the Warriors are slated to win the War, but that doesn't take away the enjoyment of just watching these gifted athletes in all of the other games compete at a high level leading up to the playoffs, and hell, the Warriors do lose sometimes, lol. I guess what I'm saying is that who wins the big trophy at the end of the season doesn't define the joy of NBA basketball for me. I love watching the young 76ers & Celtics grow into what they're becoming. I like seeing the Jazz step up in a big way this year due to the brilliant rookie year of Mitchell. I loved seeing the Pelicans get into a groove after Cousins went down and upset the Blazers in the first round. And, I also loved watching Lebron put on one of the most brilliant playoff runs on the back of a single player ever. I even love watching young teams with budding stars like the Suns try to figure things out. Simply stated, for me, NBA basketball is much more than who's crowned the champions at the end, and the Warriors aren't the only team playing every night, so what they have going on is incredible in its own right and doesn't diminish my enjoyment of all the other fascinating happenings going on in the league.
  5. I can't claim to be a true Warriors fan because I'm not. I'm a Curry fan personally and grew to like Draymond and Klay before their championship status, but still can't call myself a true Warriors fan. Anyways, I just wonder though if the same people who complain about what is going on with this Warriors Dynasty would be complaining about league parity, unfairness, and go on calling players out of their names if THEIR team was the one in the Warrior's position? Things that make you go hmmm.... Of course, we'll never know and most of those people will give some BS answers that they would feel the same, but in the end, I know and so does everybody else, if they're being honest, that most of the hate comes from jealousy and not really this deep rooted belief in NBA fairness. Now I'm not saying that people don't care about league competitiveness, and I actually do myself. But again, I think a lot of people would change their tune and be on the DEFENSIVE instead of the OFFENSIVE if THEIR team was in the midst of great fortune like the Warriors right now....
  6. Any interest in a brand new NBA Dynasty League? I have a brand new 20-team H2H category league starting with Salaries. This is a dynasty league run on and scored on Yahoo. Come check us out. If you have any questions please drop me a line at or Here is the league link with rosters and rules - Cheers, Lando ProFSL MLB/NFL/NHL League Operations