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  1. I've played fantasy basketball for several years, but it's easily the sport I know the least about. I'm currently in 2nd place of a 10 team 8 category roto league. Someone recently dropped Otto Porter. Is he worth burning my #2 waiver claim and dropping either Fournier/Ingles/Nance? I've read people expect Porter to do well with Wall out...


    The rest of my lineup is:

    PG - Lillard

    SG - Booker

    SF - Fournier

    PF - Tobias Harris

    C - Embiid

    G - Middleton

    F - Aaron Gordon

    Util - Vucevic, Dunn, Nance

    Bench - Gary Harris, Joe Ingles, Robert Covington


    Leave a link, and I'll do my best to help in return. Thanks!

  2. 7 minutes ago, tonywow said:

    I have Albies and was considering dropping, of course the moment I thought about it he has a 3 hit runs scored last night heh. He's been so terrible second half though, hard to leave Turner in agents, I added Turner myself. 


    I haven't followed what Andrus has been up to, but sounds like not much. Marwin has been hot and offers incredible multi position, I'd consider making a switch. Unless you desperately need Andrus for any SBs he might offer. We're at that point going into the playoffs we need to make some tough drops for hot performers to put you over the top. 


    Thank you for the input! I suppose I could also drop Eduardo Escobar instead of Albies. I was the exact same as you - Albies had been awful then goes 3/3 with 3 runs

  3. On 8/27/2018 at 5:38 PM, SpartyinFoCo said:

    Thanks. It's a 11 team keeper with 5 bench spots. I guess I will hang on to him for a while.


    Given the amount of bench spots, I'd probably hold on to him. He'll probably go back on the DL within a week anyway...




  4. Who's available on your WW/FA? Personally, I'd hold on to him for the time being with a bench spot. In a shallow 8 team league, after another couple weeks of underachieving, I don't think there's anything wrong dropping him for hotter hitters.


    Thanks for your help with mine!

  5. 6 hours ago, Thenewwildone8 said:

    Kluber/C-Mart for Acuna/Albies/Moncada. Start there.


    41 minutes ago, svdude said:

    If you can get Albies, Acuna, or Judge for him, jump at that.  



    I like both of these as starting points. Those keeper prices are very reasonable for the next few seasons.




  6. I know Buxton has the potential, but I'd drop him for pretty much anyone right now. He looks completely lost, and I doubt anyone would pick him up unless you're in a keeper/very competitive league. I dropped him in a cutthroat redraft league, and I don't foresee anyone snagging him.