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  1. 10 team roto redraft league (5x5 scoring with QS instead of W). Which two SP would you pick to have ROS? Currently have Fulmer and Happ, but both Flaherty and Pivetta are available as FA. Leave a link and WHIR. Thanks for the input!
  2. I'd likely try to add Schoop and Conforto. Thanks for your help with mine!
  3. Out of the three listed, I'd drop ERod. I wouldn't start Castillo until he shows improvement, but the talent's definitely there... Thanks for your help with mine!
  4. I never pay for closers. There's so much turnover, you can usually snag a FA if you pay attention. Thanks for your help with mine!
  5. My league does QS rather than W. Does this change your pick of Quintana over Happ?
  6. Don't think it'd hurt to add Porcello to your staff - how soon does he come off waivers? If Moncada were to hit the DL in the next couple days (left today's game after an awkward slide), would you be able to add Porcello without dropping anyone? Otherwise, I'd probably keep Lowrie and drop Norris - I'm sure Matheny will inexplicably go back to Holland soon enough... Help?
  7. Perfect time to buy low on Ozuna. If Rosario is your worst OF, drop him. Help?
  8. Definitely keep Trout. Acuna's a young stud, and Verlander's been great, but his strand rate sits at 95% with a BABIP of ~.200 - he'll likely regress some. Trout goes #1 for a reason... Help?
  9. I don't think I'd use a #1 waiver on him. Help?
  10. Currently, I'm rostering Luke Weaver, but these other guys are pretty tempting. Right now, I'm leaning towards either Fulmer or Happ. The rest of my staff consists of Luis Severino, James Paxton, Lance McCullers, and Sean Manaea. Who's the best ROS? Leave a link and WHIR. Thanks!
  11. I can't deal with this guy any longer - to those of you willing to hold on, I wish you good luck!
  12. I'd probably go Miggy, but they're relatively close Thanks for your help with mine!
  13. I'd have no problem dropping the three players you listed. I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back to you - thanks for your help with mine!
  14. I have absolutely no problem with that. Even in an 8 team league, it's unreal to think someone already gave up on Darvish... Thanks for your help with mine!
  15. Definitely think you made the right move. Benintendi will get it together. Help?
  16. If you need speed, I'd probably do that deal. If Turner stays healthy, he could possibly lead the league in SB. Who would you drop from your roster as part of the deal? Help?
  17. I'd honestly stay where you are right now. Hicks seems to get hurt an awful lot, and I don't think any of the others provide much of an upgrade over the guys you already roster (Bruce would be my vote if you drop someone, though). Regarding pitching, I think it's splitting hairs between Gray, Bauer, and Manaea. Help?
  18. With Josh Donaldson on the DL, I need to find a 3B replacement. Out of the three listed, who's the best bet - Matt Carpenter, Eduardo Nunez, or Matt Chapman? Leave a link and WHIR!
  19. Regardless of whether this is a redraft or keeper league, I think it's a good move for you. As others have said, Martinez is the best player in the deal, and the position flexibility Happ offers is a nice bonus (just gotta hope he gets regular ABs as the Cubs' lead off hitter). Thanks for your help with mine - and love The Urge!!
  20. No way I would cut him just yet. I wouldn't sell low on him either, so stick him on your bench for the time being if you don't want to start him...