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  1. Yeah but if I have two really good Aces for less than what the price of one goes for I can then spend the rest of my money on batters.
  2. During the off-season we were able to select 4 keepers but on draft day we can only keep 3 players. We do this in case of injury during the off-season we have another player that can be kept if a player goes down. Right now my 4 keepers are Buehler, Ketel Marte, Meadows and Castillo. I definitely am keeping Buehler but torn between which other 2 players to keep. So which 2 out of the following would you keep in a roto league? Kete Marte $.50 Meadows $.50 Castill $.50
  3. 4 keepers are due tomorrow and right now I am keeping Buehler $5.25, Ketel Marte $.50 and Meadows $.50 but I’m still deciding between Snell $3 and Castillo $.50. Our salary cap is $60 for the auction portion of the draft. With news of Snell getting a cortisone shot in his elbow that has given me some hesitation to keep him.
  4. Which 4 players should I keep in a salary cap ROTO league. The cap is $60 for starters and players can be kept for only 2 years. The 2nd year kept their salary increases $2. Just as point of reference top Pitchers like Scherzer and Degrom went for $12 and $10 last year while batters were more pricey , Trout $18, Betts $17, Martinez $17 and Altuve $13. Ketel Marte $.50 Meadows $.50 Albies $3.75 Buehler $5.25 Castillo $.50 Snell $3 Bichette $.50 Corbin $3.5
  5. Ketel Marte Meadows Albies Buehler Castillo Snell Bichette Corbin
  6. It varies depending on their salary and what they might go for in the auction. Batters are probably kept more than pitchers but then the price for pitching seems to get inflated in the auction which is why I might consider Buehler who would go for $8 or more in the auction.
  7. Keepers are due this Sunday and I am trying to decided which 3 players and 1 alternate to keep in a roto salary cap keeper league. Here are my potential keepers in a $60 salary cap for starters. Just to give you an idea the top 10starting pitchers went in the range of $6-$13. So which 3 players should I definitely keep and 1 alternate? Ketel Marte $.50 Buehler $5.25 Snell $1 Corbin $3.50 Castillo $.50 Meadows $.50 Albies $3.75 Syndergaard $4.75 Bichette $.50
  8. No we have roster limits so I’d have to drop a running back.
  9. Who should I drop for Hunt? I am in a 1 point PPR league.
  10. The deadline is tomorrow and this offer was just sent to me. I trade Henry and Goff and get Prescott and Bell. Should I make this deal or just drop Goff or Wentz for Murray, Cousins, Tannehill, Foles or Mayfield?