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  1. So...i thought I had my keepers set...we just instituted a daily league which makes Ohtani a must keep now. $260 auction...5x5 standard 12 team Daily with weekly IP limits here is my top 4...can keep 5: Clevinger($10) Morton($8) Yates ($10) Ohtani ($11) Last choice....E. Escobar ($6) vs. ERod ($7) I like Escobars 2b/3b flexibility and pop.....ERod was amazing at end of year and has over 200K ability Which would you keep?
  2. i like it! I would try to get someone to take Kopech in a package with Garcia to try to upgrade our U slot....but that may be a pipe dream!
  3. need to grab one of those big bats! with what closers are available, I would wait that out knowing that closers pop up all season long. help?
  4. 12 team (soon to be expanded to 13 or 14) league, 5X5 standard Weekly Roto; Auction ($260) Who I am keeping: Clevinger ($10) Darvish ($11) Yates ($10) Can Keep 2 of these: Escobar (Ari) ($6) Ohtani ($11) E. Rodriguez ($7) Considering its a weekly league set on Monday, Ohtani is not as fruitful as one may expect. He does qualify as Sp/DH which helps with roster flexibility as I wont be locked in to a spot during draft. Escobar s interesting as 2B is not all that deep this year and would a be a great MI push comes to shove, although the plethora of SS suggests getting a MI wont be too difficult and that I probably would keep him @ 2B. As for as Erod...well....he ended year really well and changed a few things on approach....a 200K SP is pretty nice to have especially as I may have 3 (assuming Clevinger doesn't miss a chunk of time). Thoughts...leave a link!
  5. I believe they would have stated he’s not starting... or that he was an emergency back... have not seen a hint of that anywhere
  6. I’m thinking they wouldn’t start him if he was in bad shape..., I’m leaning towards firing him up as my other options not thrilling
  7. [...] He was limited yesterday and did not see an update today. Thanks
  8. unfortunately, I cannot bank on him fro much more than 50/60 yards and a few receptions and hope he falls into end zone
  9. Mixon owners rejoice....we finally have a great match up on hand....with how he has been playing, this may be a bash spot! If you are int he doubt Mixon hel;ped you get there as hes been a RB1 5 out of the last 6 weeks. I am hoping for 150 yds on the ground and a TD for more than a 20 spot against Mia....I know its asking for a lot but he definitely has the talent to exploit this matchup .
  10. I beat Lamar Jackson.....Thought i was dead after he dropped 47 points and Bell had another lame game. Thank you Julio and Parker!
  11. Powell is NOT playing .....that's what makes Bell slightly intriguing....emphasizing the word slightly
  12. and play Ty Montgomery? surely would be a one way ticket out of NY.... It all depends on other options....i treat him as mid RB2 in ppr and back end RB2 in non ppr.....all depends on what other options you have.
  13. I’d start chark... I’ve been burned by pascal twice help?