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  1. I would think Gilmore would cover Jeudy
  2. I’d wait a few more games with cupcake matchups ahead
  3. I’d drop moss... I can see swift and weak schedule creating opportunities in future help?
  4. So I have both as well and unfortunately no real other options! if I could bench one it would be Kelly.... so that being said stick with mont who has higher floor help?
  5. Too much for me....yes DK over golladay but not by that much help?
  6. Tough call... is go gage in ppr, assuming Julio out
  7. Take Henry and run risk... yes because of titans... BUT mixon is sell high and this is exactly what U r doing! help?
  8. On face value I hate this deal for me... here is some context: im 1-3 my starting RBs now are Montgomery and Kelley (Chubb hurt) my WRs... Thomas/Ridley/golladay/ Keenan/ deebo in theory this helps me a lot this week as golladay on bye. I hate to hook up this team too... they have kamara... traded for CMC and are 4-0.., thanks in advance!
  9. I’d have to go Watson this week and see what results are than worry about next week... well... next week
  10. Drop Robinson.... he’s not worth keeping to take the L...maybe u start him on bye weeks... maybe help?
  11. I have Mike Thomas who I’m not expecting to play but there is some outside shot he plays... albeit limited. startin trequan gives me the option to throw mthomas in lineup if that occurs another note... I’m starting Ridley and going against Matt Ryan... some food for thought thanks in advance and leave a link