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  1. I didn't follow him much this year. How did he do in the passing game? I know he can catch but will Gio still be around to dampen his upside?
  2. That's if Williams doesn't go off instead.
  3. Don't glance. Look directly into the picture and report back your findings. 😁
  4. 20mph winds are more of a kicker concern right? Slight downgrade to passing game?
  5. According to this weather looks fine for the game tomorrow.
  6. Thanks for making me second and third guess myself PAL. 😒 Gonna wait and see if someone uses a waiver on him. If not, then I may pick him up.
  7. Ugh!!!! Half his value is in his legs. Watson now is the safer play. At least Watson can still run.
  8. Well Gould is returning from injury. And Badgley looks to be solid. Gay and Fairbairn are also available. Any idea how you would rank them?
  9. Zuerlien dropped in many leagues. If he's out there and you're struggling at kicker, are guys grabbing him?
  10. Did a little research and what's interesting in week 4 when Barkley was out Jones did feed Gallman targets in the one game they played together before he was injured. Gallman got 7 targets caught 6 passes for 55yds and a score. I have no idea why Barkley isn't getting much in the passing game right now.
  11. My 6pt TD league doesn't award a 5 point bonus and Jameis is STILL ranked as the #5 QB right now despite the turnovers. The man just produces points. And bottom line in fantasy all we want are points at the end of the day.