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  1. TRE'DAVIOUS WHITEDB, BUFFALO BILLS Bills CB Tre'Davious White will not opt out of the 2020 season. White was the biggest name being bandied about, but the opt out deadline ended up coming and going with little fuss. White's absence would have been a season-altering event for a Bills team in prime position to win the AFC East. SOURCE: Kim Jones on Twitter Aug 6, 2020, 4:14 PM ET
  2. Comparing the NBA situation is comparing apples to on mars. There is no comparison.
  3. Thanks to the statement it will miraculously disappear!!! HAHAHAHA Ahem....sorry couldn't help myself. I will leave now.
  4. Well it was and still is suppose to miraculously disappear remember?
  5. It seems to be everywhere: JUSTIN JEFFERSONWR, MINNESOTA VIKINGS Vikings placed first-round WR Justin Jefferson on the reserve/COVID-19 list. He joins three other Vikings, including T Blake Brendel, S Brian Cole and OL Tyler Higby. This does not mean that Jefferson, or any of the names, contracted COVID-19 - as Jefferson could have been added as a precautionary measure after coming in contact with someone inside the organization who tested positive. Either way, Jefferson must quarantine and receive medical clearance before returning to the team. RELATED: Brian Cole , Tyler Higby SOURCE: Adam Schefter on Twitter Jul 27, 2020, 4:56 PM ET
  6. Do you think that's realistically possible for an entire season? Then add in the other scenarios: BRUCE ARIANSC, TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS In a conversation on the Buccaneers' plans for handling the coronavirus, coach Bruce Arians stated "the players, they’re going to all get sick, that’s for sure.” “It’s just a matter of how sick they get,” Arians continued. "We’ve got to be careful." This season will be unlike any other. Positive cases will be confirmed, and it appears the NFL will attempt to power through them with a multi-week quarantine for impacted players and staff members - and a larger practice squad to pick replacements from. Arians is a three-time cancer survivor and took measures to aid his health even before this offseason, including riding a golf cart during practice and handing play calling responsibilities to Byron Leftwich. Arians, at 67 years old, is at higher risk than other coaches around the league. As is safeties coach Nick Rapone (64) and quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen (64). “It’s the team that adapts and has the most discipline, they’re going to win,” Arians concluded. This level of honesty is appreciated, but also chilling. SOURCE: Tampa Bay Times Jul 27, 2020, 3:22 PM ET
  7. You do realize it's not just the player's health is at risk right? It most likely will be the same concern for player's families and all of the people who have underlining conditions if the NFL follows suit. Like you said the NFL knows players will become infected. The question is what's the magic number?
  8. We'll have to wait and see what happens but this news today isn't promising in the slightest. The NFL has a tall task in front of them that's for sure. Coronavirus updates: Health experts call for country to shut down again; Fauci says he has security after getting threats
  9. Let's hope you're right. But there's always concern.
  10. Players will receive daily Covid-19 tests for the first two weeks of camp.
  11. ROGER GOODELLCOM, NFL The NFL accepted the NFLPA's demand of zero preseason games ahead of the 2020 season. This is a gigantic step towards having the season start on time. The NFL has slowly inched towards the NFLPA's side of this argument, initially requesting two preseason games, then down to one and now agreeing to none. This will allow for a longer acclimation and strength and conditioning period for players once arriving at team facilities, as teams can now take their time to practice rather than prepare for games. Still, you have to feel for fringe NFL talents who simply won't have the opportunity to put their game on tape for other teams to see in the hopes of maximizing their opportunities. Think of names like Victor Cruz, or even recently Raheem Mostert, as players who have greatly benefited from preseason action. SOURCE: Adam Schefter on Twitter Jul 20, 2020, 7:56 PM ET
  12. ROGER GOODELLCOM, NFL NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reports the league's latest proposal to the NFLPA includes one preseason game. Don't confuse the league's wilting proposal from two preseason games to one as "progress". The players still want the preseason replaced altogether with a longer acclimation period in order to fully prepare for the regular season and aren't likely to agree to anything less. The proposed preseason game would also take place on August 27, which would deter from the NFLPA's request for a full 21 days for strength and conditioning. The Chiefs and Texans are expected to report on Monday amid negotiations. SOURCE: Tom Pelissero on Twitter Jul 20, 2020, 7:04 AM ET
  13. Maybe they had faith the NFL was going to provide them safety protocols just before official training camp begins? Other than that speculation, I have no clue.
  14. ROGER GOODELLCOM, NFL In coordinated Twitter postings Sunday afternoon, a host of NFL players criticized the league's coronavirus plan. More specifically, the league's lack of a plan. "If the NFL doesn’t do their part to keep players healthy there is no football in 2020," were the words of Drew Brees, amongst many others. Players from J.J. Watt to Russell Wilson took part in the effort. In Watt's post, he said players still do not know how a positive COVID-19 test will be handled, or how the league might handle opt-outs. The league is still trying to claim players will report as usual this week, but the number of unresolved critical issues is massive. SOURCE: J.J. Watt on Twitter Jul 19, 2020, 12:10 PM ET