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  1. I'm in an 8 team league and he's on our waiver wire. Somebody did pick him up after our draft, tried using him as trade bait, and eventually dropped him. He's intriguing, but I just don't have the room on my bench to have him sit there.
  2. Could he be? I believe so. I personally have my doubts, as he would be jumping to a new team and learning a new offense. Him on a new offense wouldn't scare me from not picking him up if he would happen to be on a waiver wire by chance. He's too good of a talent. If you're the type of person that would own Fitzgerald with the quarterbacks HE'S dealing with, you should have no problem owning Jackson with Hasselbeck. WR1? I dunno, maybe low end.
  3. No, you "above all else" want your money and contract. Being a Charger comes second. Idiot.