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  1. Solid Poster - Valuable asset..

  2. thx for the kind words..

  3. Knows his stuff..Solid member of the rotoworld crew..

  4. One of the Leagues best but clearly an under-appreciated member. He has a Texans bias but is still one of the members that makes Rotoworld the best community on the web.

  5. Decent contributor and will definitely tell you how they feel - right or wrong..

  6. B.J.

    Thanks for the kind words man! This guy is a very valuable member of the forums. His weekly sit/start threads are well thought out and make for an interesting read every week.

  7. Helped me out two years ago...5-stars!

  8. Great Member and contributor although you may not always agree you gotta give him respect...

  9. Puts 110% into the league with his Booms and Busts which you really have to respect...You wont get that from everybody but Shock delivers. Like the "experts" sometimes he's right and sometimes he's wrong but at the end of it all he's one of Rotoworlds best assets.

  10. Biggz

    Solid member always putting in 100% when you ask him something and for that I will always look at this man as a solid member of these boards...much respect...

  11. Solid member, and although he talks Sh!t a lot he backs it up and you gotta respect that...One of Rotoworlds finest..

  12. One of the best Rotoworld has to offer and although he's young he still has tons of knowledge. Gotta give respect where respect is due and this young buck has what it takes to run this place some day..

  13. Not a well known member but soon will be running the boards with his insight. Solid fantasy player and an upcomer that you should respect..

  14. Perfect grammar, perfect avatar and nearly perfect advice. This man knows his stuff when it comes to the game of football and is hands down one of the forums bests...give respect where respect is due. TM is a man among boys...

  15. You don't have to like him but you gotta respect the knowledge he has about the game..Solid fantasy player and though controversial at times - He has some solid opinions..