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  1. Darrius Heyward-Bey - (Oak - WR)
  2. Get a job. -- I'll take, James Jones (GB - WR)
  3. The league isnt being held hostage. The league needs to calm down and realize we have 3 mos before the season starts. Why the rush... Some of you guys are ridiculous.
  4. I'm here. I'm game with Jahvid Best - I dont understand why the draft is taking place so early. We've got months until even the preseason. I understand the anxiousness but seriously guys, weve got months... No reason for this crazy rush. I'll take Mardy Gilyard WR (Rams) - Sorry for being busy.
  5. Woooo - Updated roster! Let the trade offers pour in... Thanks everyone who helped make this draft go by quick - I head out on vacay Tomorrow!
  6. Nice pick winky - he completely slipped my mind...could be this years Kurt Warner... Anywho i take: Javarris Williams, RB, KC
  7. All of these picks feel irrelevant lol...
  8. Mohamed Massaquoi - Cleveland Browns?
  9. If still available ill take Jerome Harrison, RB - CLE
  10. What round is the last round...
  11. Feel asleep right after that pick lol..
  12. Geesh... umm.... Plaxico Burress?
  13. gave spike my pick - nite yall.. Nvm edit - James Davis, RB clev
  14. Has Rashard Mendenhall been taken?
  15. 1. TexanAD - M.Leinart, QB ARI 2. Shock6822 - Michael Bush, RB OAK 3. Benji Benjacobson -Julius Jones RB Seattle 4. Spike11 - Ben Roethlisberger, QB, PITT 5. Biggz- 6. Winky - 7. Sya- 8. K.Heart- 9. Wiley02 10. KTOWN 11. Sportsguy 12. Chingon
  16. ROUND 10 1. Chingon - Dustin Keller TE NYJ 2. Sportsguy -Eagles DEF 3. KTOWN - Hakeem Nicks WR NYG 4. Wiley- Steve Breaston, WR ARI 5. K.Heart - Kurt Warner QB ARI 6. Sya - Jamal Lewis RB, CLE 7. Winky - Leon Washington RB, NYJ 8. Biggz - Donald Driver, WR - GB 9. Spike - (Texting as we speak) 10. Benji 11. Shock 12. TexasAD
  17. If I txtd u my damn number plz txt me back cause I won't be using up my data plan to come online and pick again so if you don't wanna wait - text Spike takes Holt
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