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  1. If they don't practice on Saturday they won't be playing Monday night.
  2. All indications are that Cook and Mattison sit. I will be rolling with Boone over Montgomery and Peterson.
  3. Ingram has a higher floor and Mostert the higher ceiling. Hard to sit Ingram. For transparency, I’m going against Ingram and have Mostert.
  4. Injury looked bad, questionable to return.
  5. I'm picking up the Vikings and stashing the Patriots for next week. Pats could still be a good play but they will most likely be touchdown dependent
  6. KC's pass D is actually really good now, they are ranked 4th against the pass.
  7. I need his upside this week, who else is rolling with Will this week?
  8. He hasn't broken A long one this year, what do those tea leaves tell you?
  9. Point is they don’t need Cook to defeat David Blough and company.
  10. I would go with Fuller, not for heavy volume but he could bust one.
  11. Standard league, pick two of three between Brandin Cooks, Jared Cook and Darius Slayton.