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  1. Preston is a decent pickup with Stills out of the picture. If dolphins are behind and slinging it a lot he could quietly rack up surprising numbers. They said he was the best WR in camp. Also has the size of a redzone threat. Just dropped a lot of crockett and ajayi for him today. I'd still prefer a James Washington but when the pickins are slim there's a ton of upside here.
  2. I was thinking something like... if the Saints, Vikings, or whatever contender team has an injury at wide out/when Josh Gordon has made his coke money for the year. And if the Cards do end up keeping Fitz I'd imagine they'd have him take a backseat in the second half of the season anyways so they can get all these young guys reps and evaluate them.
  3. Any chance the cards trade fitz away once the season is lost?
  4. don't pay for him, some rumors swirling of an Eli to colts trade
  5. We're 2 weeks away from week 1 now and nothing has changed with Gordon. It seems more likely he won't be signed at this point. An assumed 50/50 timeshare with Ekeler makes Jackson an instant low end RB2 come week1 imo considering the Chargers offense with legit RB1 potential should he gain a bigger role.
  6. Even if this guy gets cut from the Chiefs I'd expect someone to pick him up..and I would wait to see who claims him before dropping. If he went to Dallas for instance, it would boost his value.
  7. Eh I don't see him ever being that high unless they traded Gordon or news came out that they definitely were not signing Gordon. He'll creep up to Jordan Howard/Miles Sanders territory in the coming weeks most likely. I do like the idea of hedging and selling him to the Gordon owner if you can though because you can give yourself an upgrade while the Gordon owner winds up losing out even if Jackson became a viable RB2. Same goes with giving the Zeke owner tony pollard or Alfred Morris if they wanted for an upgrade. Your team gets better, while at the same time if the Zeke owner winds up having to use Tony Pollard as their guy instead of Zeke their team is probably still handicapped. I favor taking the value soon if you can because you gain nothing if the players get their contracts.
  8. I like looking for him anytime in the 120-140 range currently. He has more upside than a peyton barber or devin singletary but obviously there is the chance they make a deal with gordon and he becomes droppable. Every week that goes by will increase his value too and you may be able to use him as trade bait with the gordon owner to upgrade a position.
  9. It's easy to create hype for a dude who was a colossal bust as a rookie. If he is good enough to get on the field and get 500-800 total yards this year that won't help you in fantasy but that's still a massive improvement for RoJo and Tampa.
  10. I can see him being a top 12 RB. He will get used a ton and the team should be better with Carr in a 2nd year with Gruden and upgraded weapons.
  11. I have seen him go as early as 50th pick and as late as 100 in money leagues on yahoo. Seems to mostly go between 60-80 though depending on scoring/roster structure. I think you have to draft him assuming he will be suspended 4-8 games with the slight chance he plays the entire season and also a slight chance his penalty winds up way worse.
  12. Gus has more value than Collins right now and I would try to nab him and even drop Collins for him if you have to. Gus has the upside that he might be the workhouse from here on out and go on to put up nice numbers, whereas if they say Collins is still the starter, at best you know it's a hot hand committee in which case Collins isn't really a guy you will ever feel too good about starting. my opinion
  13. From yahoo: John Collins (left ankle soreness) underwent a non-surgical procedure on October 8th and will be re-evaluated on October 22. The earliest he could possibly return is Wednesday, Oct. 24th vs. Dallas. With the Hawks in 'Tank Mode' this season, they have no reason to rush him back into the lineup until he is as close to 100 percent as possible
  14. Going to wait and see 1 or 2 more games, might have just been a matchup thing
  15. he went 41 in a 100dolla 12team 9cat that I did last night. John Collins went 40. Blake Griffin 44.