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  1. The problem is players that get traded during the season rarely contribute much that year. They have to learn the playbook and new terminology. Matthews is a dynasty stash at this point. He has no value ROS imo. Remember when the Lions traded Roy Williams to the Cowboys? He did nothing that year even though he was on the Cowboys for 10 games.
  2. Dude, I don't care what size league you have. He has zero fantasy relevance. I can read and reply to anything I choose in this forum. I don't need your permission. This is a forum to discuss positives as well as negatives. Barner is a negative. Get over it.
  3. Seriously, if you're at the point where you think you need to add Barner to your team....... your season is over. Accept it.
  4. This exactly. He's a straight backup. His TD Sunday came on a play where he and CMC were on the field together. And with Cam being the goal line back, CJ just doesn't have consistent fantasy value. He may have a few good games but you will never know when that is. He's dropable in re-draft in my opinion.
  5. Me too, Man. And I had Minnesota's defense. I feel your pain.
  6. LOL...kickers. Pick one they're all the same.
  7. They got him to keep from a rival. That fool is too dumb to grasp the Pats offense.
  8. #BlameCam Kelvin can have some good games. The problem is you will never know when that's going to happen. Dude is just lazy.
  9. I'm curious as to how that's possible. If he shows up and signs he gets his game checks whether he plays or not. Is there some weird provision?
  10. This is his last big contract. He's a 26 year old RB. This is his last chance to break the bank and he knows it. The Steelers have been jerking him around with the franchise tag. He plays the position with the shortest life span. I can't say I blame him. As soon as he loses a step they will toss him aside like garbage. Emmitt Smith held out and missed two games one year. It's business and his teammates are acting like bitches.
  11. You basically invalidated everything you said after this. He is not under contract. He is not a Steelers employee until he signs the contract. They only own his rights. There's a big difference. He thinks he deserves more money and doesn't want to play unless his price is met. There's nothing wrong with that. It's his right. He isn't in breach of anything.