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  1. Stop it. Deebo is not a great route runner, he's a YAC guy, and he would stand to benefit if the Niners brought in a speed guy to stretch the field and open things up underneath. They actually really missed Marques Goodwin in that role this year.
  2. I think the Superbowl was the first game all year that there wasn't a single hold called the entire game. Just on the surface I think the game was too loosely officiated and I find it near impossible that nobody held all game. I believe KC led the NFL in Defensive Holdings leading up to it as well, not 100% on that though. That said, the Niners had opportunities to win despite any of that, and didn't capitalize so I refuse to put the blame on officials. The only team in my opinion that I believe can use that excuse is the Packers in the Fail Mary game, since they had no opportunity to recover from it.
  3. Chris Jones was the MVP. 40 of Williams yards came after the D didn't care, they had already lost the game once he picked up the 1st down. Jones dominated throughout.
  4. Can't wait for Brady to just go away, he's become equally more insufferable as the years have gone by. Every time his slinks down the topic board or another QB begins to get some national attention and acclaim, he does something to steer attention back to himself. This stadium post serves solely to turn the conversation towards him.
  5. Tennessee 20 Kansas City 23 Green Bay 10 San Francisco 30 Kansas City 20 San Francisco 27 - All hail Jimmy Garoppolo, Super Bowl MVP
  6. So much respect for players who play through legit injuries like this. Too many to name, but Owens in the Superbowl, Rivers in his ACL tear postseason, etc.. It's like the inverse of guys who suck balls then you hear they had a sore toe a week later (Lebron, Tom Brady, etc.)
  7. Vikings 18 49ers 31 Garoppolo is too much for the inconsistent Vikings pass defense, and the rejuvenated/healthy Niners defense forces Cousins into 3 turnovers. Tennessee 16 Baltimore 21 Snoozefest, but Baltimore does just enough to win while Tannehill gets exposed for the 2nd week in a row as being what we thought he was. Texans 14 Chiefs 38 Blowout, the Texans are the worst team left in the postseason with the worst coach, and the Chiefs defense has been sneaky good in the 2nd half. Seattle 27 Green Bay 20 Seattle is building momentum, and the Russell Wilson factor keeps them in every game. If they can get anything out of their running game, even like 3.5 yards per carry, they should win this. They have good run defense, and I don't think Green Bay has the weapons in the pass game to win this game.
  8. Did I read it right that they are still bringing in McDaniels for an OC interview after hiring a position coach under McDaniels as the new Head Coach? I can't imagine McDaniels has any interest in an OC position anywhere else, let alone for a guy who was under him, this has to be fake news.
  9. Pats perspective: Brady should go. At this point in his career he needs everyone around him to win their individual matchup in order to find success. Needs the line to hold up, needs the receivers to win and create space. He has no willingness to throw 50/50 balls. For example, if DK Metcalf were on the Pats instead of Harry, I believe you could likely flip their statistics. Wilson gives guys a chance down field, Brady will not throw it unless you're open, partially because he does not throw good deep balls. With Bill Belichick the Patriots should contend for the Division every single year, with or without Tom Brady. For Brady to thrive they'd need to spend considerably to bolster the weapons around him. They'd be better off giving Stidham a shot, bolster the supporting cast, and worse case you see what you have in Stidham and know whether you need a future QB. Best case, they sleepwalk to another division title. Brady perspective: He's a tortured soul, because he's constantly left money on the table for the team to spend elsewhere. But this is how you win in the NFL, you can't have a QB eating 40% of the cap, and Brady knows this. But at the same time he probably feels he's not getting the respect and wants to prove he can win without Bill B. Aside from 1 season of Moss, he's shown little ability to make WR better outside the hashes. WR are really just chess pieces that highlight a weakness in the defense for the Patriots offense. Brady is the best at knowing pre-snap where to go. I don't see that translating with a new offense he needs to learn, so likely if he went anywhere it'd have to be a team LOADED offensively, and he'd have to really change his style to more of a risk taker. But the downside is becoming Philip Rivers. I also think he takes pride in being with the Patriots organization his entire career, and when it comes down to it he wants Bill and the organization to surround him with talent and pay him at the same time. Any resigning of Brady would likely come with some type of informal agreement to be buyers in free agency. Prediction: Brady re-signs for 2 years, the team signs Antonio Brown in the offseason, and trades for one of the Eagles Tight Ends. I just don't see Robert Kraft agreeing to let Tom Brady play anywhere else without a considerable fight.
  10. Buying/Selling sports cards on eBay. It's like a mini stock market for sports fans if you know what you are doing. The high end limited print stuff is like trading in Artwork. Tons of money to be made, and even if things go south you'll always be able to recoup some of the money you put in.
  11. It's only useless because the season is over. For next year its the basis of his projections. His TD rate is bound to increase, and his numbers ballooned when Emmanuel Sanders joined the team. If Sanders resigns, and other guys get healthy you'd be crazy to think he isn't a lock to improve next year, which puts him square in QB1 territory. Not going to change much? He was without half his O-Line most of the year, is barely 1 year removed from an ACL tear, played in two unthrowable monsoons, and was a QB1 from the point Sanders joined the team. They had about 20 rushing TD, which is likely to regress. The defense gave up 20+ in 8 of the last 9 games and showed signs of weakness. All that points to a very strong likelihood he improves into QB1 territory next year. Matt Ryan won league MVP in year 2 of Shanahan's offense. Next year will for all intents and purposes be year 2 for Garoppolo.
  12. Bump for respect. All his naysayers said "lets see him complete a full season". He was 13-3, now 20-5 career, and essentially had 4,000 yards and a 70% completion rate, while being 5th in the league in TD passes, while playing in two unthrowable monsoons to boot. "It's all the defense, he's just a game manager" they said. The defense gave up 20+ points in 8 of the last 9 weeks while Garoppolo outdueled Rodgers, Brees, and Wilson. The only thing he really doesn't do is end up with the TD in the red-zone. For as great as Shanahan is as a play caller, he doesn't design a ton of goalline pass plays like a Sean Payton does for Drew Brees where its a glorified handoff. All his other metrics are elite. This Niners team is dangerous, and will be for a while as they continue to just add talent around the core youth on the team.
  13. That's not my argument, but consistent high scoring RBs ARE more valuable than QBs. Zero RB in all is a successful strategy, CMCs success does not dispute that. Your argument has morphed to defending Zero RB, which I've never debated against. Teams that drafted Wilson, Winston, and a slew of other guys are doing just fine because the entire success in fantasy is the other positions BESIDES QB because you can get a solid floor at that position every week with absolute scraps if you had to.
  14. Your argument should be limited to CMC was the 3rd overall pick and there is plenty of value that could have been drafted there, while Lamar went in like Round 12. That's it. That's the end of your argument. Any word salad or speech about draft philosophy is pointless when we all agree you draft a QB late. Lamar outscored the others (Wilson, Winston, etc.) by a marginal amount. That does not make a Fantasy MVP, but if you're talking highest point scorer, sure he's the MVP. To me its production relative to where he was drafted vs his replacement value. I haven't even looked deep enough to throw out a name, but I just know it would not be a QB when there are a handful of suitable replacement values on the wire every single week. I will concede that this is also subject to your leagues scoring. Standard leagues, 4 Pt Passing TD leagues, bonus leagues, etc. would place a larger value on Jackson. Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel like there is just back patting eachother who drafted Lamar Jackson and this thread is devoid of objectivity.
  15. A QB without a single digit week, someone call Guinness. Also, I never supported CMC as MVP, but that argument is flimsy as hell. You probably stood a marginal chance at best (I didn't use a percentage so as not to invoke any more weak a** emojis) of choosing a running back on the wire to outperform that 7 points. You guys are just flat wrong on this and there hasn't been a single good argument to support it aside from the fact Lamar was drafted mid to late rounds. But you almost had me with declaring him a "Cheat Code". That was a compelling argument.