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  1. As much as I loved Jimmy Rollins I would replace him with Richie Ashburn. But then I am probably older than you!
  2. Wrong thread?? Sounds like Villar to me
  3. At this point I think you would need to be an Astros fan to still cling to this. If it didn't really help why would they continue to do it? And even if only a few did it EVERYONE benefited from it. Baseball is a team game. Players that cheated drove in players that didn't. Players that didn't cheat drove in players that cheated. How can you separate them and think that only the cheaters gained anything from it. To me, it doesn't matter who did or didn't - they all knew it was happening. In the beginning I was kind of indifferent on this but the owner and players have handled themselves so poorly - now I hope they get booed out of every stadium they play in this season.
  4. Bregman loves microphones like a moth loves street lights UNTIL he has to man up and apologize then he is like a deer in the headlights. I can't get enough of watching his lame attempt to act like he is sorry. Always kind of liked the Astros until this - now I can't wait to watch the receptions they get across the country once the season starts. The only person I saw that acted even a little sorry was Correa.
  5. Anyone know when this draft was held? Thanks
  6. Well that didn't end well. 7 targets but only 2 catches. At least Minshew is making it pretty clear that he's not the guy next year
  7. There goes Ertz and there goes any chance I had of pulling this out 😭😭
  8. Did Shepard leave early? He has no stats since the 1st qtr
  9. He's in for me. If he was just playing to get his 1000 yds, he could do that next week. He must be ready and I need a high ceiling guy! 😆
  10. Last time I benched him he went off on Thanksgiving - despite that, I'm benching him again in favor of Ward this week
  11. Starting him over Golladay this week - liked him in pre-season but for some reason the Eagles avoided using him until they had to. I haven't seen anything not to like with him.
  12. Except for the top 3 or 4 TE's it's a crap shoot every week. I expected more from him than what we have seen lately though. He's as likely to put up 10 pts as anyone else I can throw out there this week. 😆
  13. Boomer said he's their "franchise QB" earlier. That was before he started missing on all his passes though
  14. I'm going to end my season tonight because Mack can't get me 3 stinking points!