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  1. Hopefully you guys are holding Loeffler accountable for her shady stock sales right before this Corona shutdown as well. She made out like a bandit …
  2. I'm not on either side myself but what has become very apparent to me is that you can follow the political lines on this. IMHO - the stats are under reported in states that have Republican governors and over reported in states that have Democratic governors. Republican states are more aggressive in re-opening and the Democratic states are being so cautious in their re-opening that it appears as though it is now all about getting more Federal money. Our governor (in NJ) has been talking about a re-opening plan for two weeks, our numbers are steadily dropping, but we still haven't seen a plan from him. We have people here that have been trying to get unemployment for over 8 weeks yet he sits in front of a microphone every day telling us about all the bad news except what is going on with his Unemployment system. Thank God I am retired and not affected. Another thing I noticed a few days ago ( I have spare time since we have no fantasy to play) is that 8 of the top 10 states in cases and deaths have Democratic governors. I thought ok, probably have more states with Democratic governors but no there are actually 24 states led by a Democrat. The two Republican states were Massachusetts and Florida (duh). Like I said, I usually find my truth somewhere in the middle and didn't vote for Trump. But the political lines have become obvious to me - maybe they have been there from the beginning but I'm a little slow in my old age. Plus I'm grumpy because my gym is closed and we have to golf with some pretty dumb restrictions. Again these are just my "observations" not here to debate endlessly.
  3. I don't like the way a lot of what we had before (restaurants, gyms, etc) will look like when first start living again. BUT it's a first step towards getting back to normal. I'll take it and try to appreciate more than I did before. If it's not for you, I understand.
  4. Unlike 9/11, the Corona virus has further divided our country. Both parties trying to place blame instead of working together. I find repulsive behavior on both sides of the isle. Using something like this for political gain is really disgusting and it's getting worse every day
  5. That was a great read - Thanks for sharing. MY 1st wife and I divorced in the mid 80's. My son and I spent hours with his cards when he was at my new home. I would take him to the local card shop as well as a few card shows that had 20 or more dealers all in one place. I can remember running him all over the county buying packs of Fleer cards in search of the famous Billy Ripken card (he probably has at least 20 of them). Now he is in his early 40's and lives in Oregon and I am still in South Jersey with all his cards boxed in my basement. Maybe someday we will go through them during one of his visits. I see the boxes in the basement and think about looking through them but it wouldn't be the same without him doing it with me. Great memories.
  6. Not only that but at least 50% of the US population doesn't even bother to get the flu shot. That's how concerned they are. But watch the lines when they come out with a Covid vaccine that was rushed through testing. I get a flu shot every year but I'm sure as heck not gonna be in the front of the Covid vaccine line.
  7. Right now I feel pretty good about the teams I have already drafted. Not so sure I will feel the same way 10 or 11 months from now.
  8. I think the fact that they have already reopened the wet market is a pretty good indication that 1 - it didn't come from the wet market 2 - they know its origin.
  9. Except this is not going to be a normal season. Trout's wife is due to have their 1st child in August and he will not miss that - guaranteed. What if the players are still under restrictions in August and if he leaves he will have to be under quarantine for 14 days when he comes back? That is something that I'm concerned about. Two weeks is pretty big in an already abbreviated season.
  10. As much as I loved Jimmy Rollins I would replace him with Richie Ashburn. But then I am probably older than you!
  11. Wrong thread?? Sounds like Villar to me
  12. At this point I think you would need to be an Astros fan to still cling to this. If it didn't really help why would they continue to do it? And even if only a few did it EVERYONE benefited from it. Baseball is a team game. Players that cheated drove in players that didn't. Players that didn't cheat drove in players that cheated. How can you separate them and think that only the cheaters gained anything from it. To me, it doesn't matter who did or didn't - they all knew it was happening. In the beginning I was kind of indifferent on this but the owner and players have handled themselves so poorly - now I hope they get booed out of every stadium they play in this season.
  13. Bregman loves microphones like a moth loves street lights UNTIL he has to man up and apologize then he is like a deer in the headlights. I can't get enough of watching his lame attempt to act like he is sorry. Always kind of liked the Astros until this - now I can't wait to watch the receptions they get across the country once the season starts. The only person I saw that acted even a little sorry was Correa.
  14. Anyone know when this draft was held? Thanks
  15. Well that didn't end well. 7 targets but only 2 catches. At least Minshew is making it pretty clear that he's not the guy next year