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  1. If OBJ is injured significantly injured that will make 5 out of my first 10 draft picks are lost to injury. 😭
  2. I think you would be hard pressed to find an Eagles fan that still feels Jeffery is even relevant anymore. Maybe later in the year as a red zone guy but for the past 2-3 yrs he has contributed very little for the money they are paying him. Even worse is he doesn't seem to care anymore.
  3. This ^^. I was excited to finally get him in there - now can't take the pretty big chance that this game doesn't happen. 😢
  4. In a PPR Gaskins @SF or Kelley @NO In a standard league - Henderson @Wash, Kirk @NYJ, Hardman vs LV, Pascal @Cle WHIR - please leave link Thanks
  5. ^^^ This - I can't believe I fell for the pre season hype on Drake. He sucked on Miami and still sucks in Arizona 🤬
  6. Gonna be hard to field a team this week - lost Barkley, Cohen, Goedert, Lazard, Reagor, Godwin and now Fournette. With Juju on a bye, playing my team is a treat. 🤬
  7. I need the Ravens to hold Mahomes to 250 yds and 2 TD's or less. Ingram to 0 TD's
  8. Need a W and SD pulls Davies with a 3-0 after 3 innings 🤬🤬
  9. Yep - He pretty much left a big fat turd on the mound when I needed it the most 🤬
  10. Need SB's to gain points. Trea Turner finally gets on base and stands there with his thumb up his butt instead of stealing 2B. The justice - gets forced at 2B on a groundball to 3B 👍
  11. Salvadore Perez is singlehandedly trying to carry my team to a championship! 😍😍
  12. Was able to get a prop bet in on over 2.5 receptions before Chark was ruled out 🤩
  13. Every game I watch this team and wonder how Klentak still has a job. Wait until JT hits free agency and they have to get in a bidding war because they traded an awesome young arm for him. Not signing him before this season was the biggest mistake of many Klentak has made in the past few years.