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  1. Is anyone concerned about Ekeler cutting into his touches? Not enough to push him out of the RB1 ranks or anything drastic but enough to distance him from the top 5 RBs? Gordon finished well below his 2016 and 2017 carry numbers, as Ekeler averaged 6.5 carries in games they both played. I could see something like 200ish carries and 50-60 catches as a reasonable projection for him for next year, which seems to me to be a bit below where I'd project the top 5 backs in terms of touches. Assuming his YPC and TD rates regress a bit more towards his career averages I'd think his 2019 projections are more likely to be in the range of the likes of Le'Veon, Connor, Chubb, and Mixon than the elite top 5 RB1s.
  2. Assuming standard scoring.... 1.) Ezekiel Elliott 2.) LeVeon Bell 3.) Todd Gurley 4.) David Johnson 5.) DeAndre Hopkins 6.) Kareem Hunt 7.) Antonio Brown 8.) Odell Beckham 9.) Melvin Gordon 10.) Alvin Kamara 11.) Leonard Fournette 12.) LeSean McCoy 13.) Rob Gronkowski 14.) Julio Jones 15.) Michael Thomas 16.) Dalvin Cook 17.) Jordan Howard 18.) A.J. Green 19.) Mark Ingram 20.) Saquon Barkley Just Missed: Davante Adams, Keenan Allen, Devonta Freeman Would add Henry to the above list if Tenn moves on from Murray