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  1. Hey there. I am interested in your league. Please email me the details seanpon@gmail.com. Thanks

    1. bluejayway


      hi there my name is blaine and i am very interested in joining your keeper league....i have a good knowledge of the bigs and minors....i am currently in a dynasty league but would love to join another keeper league....i am a very active owner and love to compete but have fun at the same time......do you need my yahoo fantasy profile...

      the dynasty team I took over was a real mess ...I have drafted guys like darvish, taillon, hosmer and belt....the league has a two round minor leag...

    2. bluejayway


      my email address is blainus@hotmail.com

  2. The blackout is determined by your IP address. I'm from the UK and I let a friend use my account to try and watch a Jays game that wasn't on TV in Canada and it didn't work, but he could watch any other game