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  1. Tannehill has really brought Derrick Henry to a respectable level. I wish he would have started all year for the titans. His influence on that offense is understated.
  2. Seeing a lot of Lockett in here...must mean he's due for a huge year and over 75 targets for the first time ever
  3. I don't know. Sounds like he fits right in on your roster.
  4. I like Royce this year...he's not Alstott. That's reserved for AJ Dillon lol
  5. Comping Royce to Alstott is an abomination.
  6. He's a stud that isn't beating out Donte Moncreif right now. When watching Pittsburgh closely, did you notice he had only 1 snap with the first team offense last week. The fantasy community is higher on Washington than the Steelers are right now.
  7. Zeke going to sit out all year. Avoid at all cost.
  8. That's fair. I'll take a share of likes if people think PFF and Football Outsiders are good resources or not
  9. Not saying you shouldn't think for yourself but I don't want a bad magazine to steer you wrong. There's lots of good resources out there that rank OLs
  10. Save yourself the dollars next time. That OL is bottom 10, not top 10.
  11. Colt McCoy should be the third option. Haskins easily offers them the most upside with Keenum being the more consistent backup. Trey Quinn could be a really solid WR 4/5 in ppr.