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  1. This game is going to be a grinder. Low yardage, very low passing yardage, and TD variance between 3 rushers. The implied total for the Saints hasn’t changed much, and it doesn’t support a massive ceiling game for T. Hill.
  2. Not in ESPN. He is QB and on waivers, not tagged as FA.
  3. Between him and McFarland, even if they split, Snell has more value. Snell was carrying the ball inside the goalline more than Conner even with Conner healthy, not sure why all of a sudden he would lose this role. Maybe McFarland has more upside given his profile, but I guess if I am gambling with one RoS I would pick Snell.
  4. Can we stop taking the lazy way out by saying neither back-up as value and think critically? Some people have multiple players out with covid. What was an RB3 in 2019 is a solid RB2 over the next few weeks. Snell was fed week 1, McFarland might has some dark horse upside especially in PPR. Conner was a cancer survivor and they might be more precautious with his recovery, so the guy who ends up winning this might start for people in the playoffs.
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