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  1. Good question! Some talk about Commissioners splitting the pot amongst all playoff teams and some are waiting for Yahoo Fantasy and what they will do with leagues (ie. Close, rank based on current position, record, etc.). So who knows because this is obviously unprecedented.
  2. Now, what will YAHOO Fantasy say? Since the suspension of the league occurred before fantasy playoffs, will they just close leagues and rank based on last division position and overall?
  3. In fantasy sports, sometimes you have to cockblock LOL
  4. Rotoworld blurb - "Damian Lillard reaggravates groin injury during AllStar performance. Out for 4 - 6 weeks".
  5. Just picked him up and dropped DeAndre Hunter. More polished and taking advantage of his opportunity. Great start so far!
  6. Man, I need more clarification on this agreed trade and whether or not there are other players involved (ie. Dieng). If not, is the coach and organization SOLD on this guy being their starting center going forward??? Part of me says, no because he's a second year center and ALL chips are in for a championship run. I just can't see it and and there must be another move in place to land a center (ie. Drummond).
  7. When they go against teams that can't compete with them you will see these lines like this, however he still has to compete with Harrell. Last year, it was Harrell who got the most run and crunch time minutes but when you look at the Clippers this year, they're even more high powered offensive team which bodes well for fantasy. Zubac will only become relevant if he is able to carve out consistent minutes but it's still early so it's something to keep an eye on. I have him on my bench as a handcuff for Harrell.
  8. Just for the sake of seeing how this plays out, why the !@#$! not! I'm on this bandwagon then will quickly jump off if he shats the bed 😄
  9. Interesting article and appreciate the update. If that is the case and looking at tonight's game and previous, the Bjelica ride has been slowing down and appears to be coming to a halt. Time to move on if that is the case.
  10. He's starting tonight and something to monitor. If he blows up, it could possibly lead to additional starts at PF. If he does well, he could keep the starting PF spot for ROS over an injury plague player in Chandler. If he bombs, well back to the bench he goes. I remember when Saric was prompted to starting PF two years ago and he ran with the starting spot.
  11. Is there a possibility Muscala takes over the starting PF spot in the future?
  12. Anyone watch this game and see how Muscala played vs Chandler? Usage? Who played late in the 4th?