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  1. Great points!!! I really haven't seen Harrell play live in a game except for highlights but your points are noted.
  2. I'm in the exact same boat!!! Lol Just posted in the WHIR forum. I was able to get Bjelica in both leagues and Vonleh is giving me that same feeling of "opportunity" in NYC. I'm wondering if Harrell will ever replace Gortat but he will get his minutes. Vonleh on the other hand seems to have locked up that starting PF slot and those stocks are extremely appealing. I have to decide before the night is out LOL
  3. My gut tells me Lyles. If he was a bonafide starter on another team, he would produce some great lines. Hernangomez has glimpses but I've seen more from Lyles to lead me in that direction.
  4. Man that's a tough one. My gut says to stick with Siakam but you can't deny what Vonleh is giving or could possibly give ROS. As for Siakam, he's starting to breakout and the way the game is being played right now, it definitely suits his talent.
  5. Hey Rotoworld Fam, Liking what I'm seeing out of Vonleh the past few games (now that he's currently a starter with an opportunity). Guessing he will stick in the starting lineup once Knox returns with Knox running game from the SF spot and coming off the bench. He did come off the bench initially. The stocks are nice and I'm considering dropping Harrell but there's a BUT? Wondering who has the better stats ROS?
  6. That is a FACT! The "Claw" gave Simmons nightmares all night.
  7. Bjelica has helped me cope with the burden of losing Kevin Love for several weeks or more. Hoping he can keep this up for the ROS. He is definitely the waiver wire pickup of the year so far, albeit it's still early in the season but so far so good.
  8. Watching him closely because this is another opportunity to find a gem. New coach means new motivation to prove yourself. I'm a Love owner so Dekker is a possibility.
  9. I have to agree. I expected a bit more from what I've seen so far from Simmons. As for the off season, work on your damn weaknesses! Improve your game and it will also reflect on the teams overall play as well. Don't get me wrong, he is a beast but if he could of added a more confident mid range game along with a 3 pointer stroke, man, skies the damn limit for Simmons!
  10. This guy just spaces out the floor and passes like a damn point guard for his size. Craft motha@$!#%! So far, he's hitting the 3 at a high clip (don't know if that's sustainable throughout the entire season), he can rebound and gives you the odd stocks too. Guess all it took was an "opportunity" and Vlade signed this guy for 3 years and he's contributing to a successful Kings squad (so far). I understand the hype that is Bagley but from a coach perspective, he sees there is great chemistry with this current starting 5, the game has changed to a transition/3 pointer type flow, Bjelica hitting the 3 is spacing out the floor tremendously and opening up for easy baskets, etc. Finding waiver wire gems is a hit and miss but sometimes you just have to go with your gut, keep trying and you'll eventually find one. Here's hoping this Bjelica train keeps on rolling.
  11. Lucky to grab him off the FA wire early this week (especially after losing Dunn) after a GM dropped him during the days Burke was starting. So far and by the looks/feel of it, Frank is your starting PG going forward. Let's hope the confidence continues to grow but I definitely liked what I saw from him the past 2 games and coach does too. I was definitely one of those GMs who had Frank on the watch list but didn't have the confidence in him because there was no talk about his improvements nor did I see anything in preseason that would change my mind. I'm hoping he continues to get a sizable amount of minutes, produces and gives his fantasy owners the "It's happening!" feeling.
  12. Exactly why I picked him up in both leagues. Outstanding Bjelica!
  13. Can't believe I was able to secure TREZL in my 20 team league (off the wire)! Thank goodness! Gortat is done like my medium well done prime rib.
  14. Man, he just spreads the floor with the sniping 3PT shot and obviously coach trusts him. He's looking like what Saric was for me last year. I just had to add him in both my competitive leagues.
  15. Just another productive line and we're still in the 3rd quarter - 3-3PTS 15PTS 6REB 2AST
  16. Damn bro! I feel your pain but keep an eye out for lineup changes and see if these new starters are available on your FA/waiver wire! It's early in the year so you need to make some moves.
  17. Watch for changes to Knicks and Hornets lineups in the very near future! A possible replacement could be had from one of these teams off the FA wire.
  18. I'm in the same boat, Cousins currently stashed in my IR slot and I have Portis. I'm going forward with replacing Portis from the FA wire in my league. Not only that, I also have Kris Dunn injured too!
  19. Man, I just lost Portis but pending knee scan. I am contemplating picking him up from my FA wire after a nice line tonight and the Kings won.
  20. Exactly why I drafted him because this OFFENSE is insane! I hope he continues to thrive.