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  1. So I smoaked and picked up Tucker. I am enamored by all these minutes at multiple positions and now that Ariza is gone, I'm IN! He could be one of those waiver wire gems this year and a definite asset in your util spot. Coach trusts primarily for his defense but his ability to spread the floor with the 3 point shot is a bonus.
  2. I'm wondering if this will be a trend for Tucker now that Ariza is gone. Coach trusts him as you can see by the plethora of minutes. There's a part of me who thinks I should drop Lamb for Tucker. Since I live in Canada, I'll smoke a join and think about it!
  3. Absolutely! I'm giving him a look and we'll see how it pans out in the next few weeks (waiver wire gem or fodder).
  4. I'm not even sweating it, one game in against a tough Celtics team. Foul trouble was definitely his issue tonight and he just couldn't knock down his 3s. He's a tough dude and the effort was there just like last year. For me, he contributed to my championship run so I'm definitely going to be patient.
  5. In a 20 Team League, I picked him as my third PG. Nothing to lose and we'll see how he does the first week or two.
  6. Forbes is up. Picked him up to see what he's capable of for the first week or two. Unreal with the injuries the Spurs are going through.
  7. All good. Picked up White after I read numerous post game articles and comments. Those rare stocks are a damn bonus! Minutes are his and Pop's says he's their "guy". A great addition to your roster in later rounds.
  8. As a third PG to my roster, it's no brainer. Picked this guy up and was impressed after what I read post game. Those are his minutes and if he can provide those rare stocks, he definitely needs to be on your roster.
  9. WCS is now entering his 4th year and you can only assume he's going to improve on his numbers. Problem is, I'm just not sold on him yet and his lack of blocks is such a turn off but he's their starting center. Sabonis on the other hand may continue to be serviceable like he was last year, however, I would take WCS over Sabonis. As for Portis, I still give the advantage to Portis because of his ability to stroke the 3 and got to love the stocks! He looks so live this pre-season and I will welcome 2 months of stats while Markannen is out.
  10. Hello Rotoworld Fam, This is for Team 2. All undrafted players in my 20 Team H2H League come off waiver status tomorrow (Oct 11th) and I wonder if I should pull the waiver (priority 6) trigger on SAS/Derrick White (PG)? Mind you, the other 5 GMs with a higher waiver priority may bite too so I could lose out. I didn't watch the game but a serviceable line tonight as the starting PG for the Spurs. My other PGs are CP3 and Dunn so it would be nice to have a third PG on the bench or use him in my UTIL spot. Or do I even need White on my roster? Thoughts?
  11. A .667FG%/1.000%FT/15PTS/6REB/3AST/1STL/2BLK line tonight. Did anyone watch the game? If so, other than the line how did he look out there?
  12. Golden State game about to start. I'll be watching Jordan Bell with the remaining GS starters to see how he fits in with this offense, although it being a pre-season game.
  13. Watching him tonight (.615FG%/3-3PTS/20PTS/8REB/2AST/1STL/1BLK/, MAN, if he was ever given a solidified starting spot at PF I would stroke myself silly!!! He'll definitely put up his numbers with Markannen out and even when Markannen gets back, the Portis train will continue to ride in hot as the 6th man.
  14. Agreed with the posters who say Covington doesn't need the ball in his hands and is undervalued this year. Remember, coach trusts him as a primary defender vs guards and forwards so he will definitely see time on the floor and in crunch time. Covington came through for me last year in winning my 18 Team H2H League during the fantasy playoffs so I will look to acquire him once again. I won't reach but will hope he's available in mid-later rounds.
  15. Hello Rotoworld fam, Well, I have a dilemma with my final week roster. I'm trying to decide on whether or play Saric or Chriss. Dario Saric - 6 games but is now not playing Tuesday vs Brooklyn. Leaves him with a potential of 5 games. Marquese Chriss - 4 games Problem is, I don' t know how bad this arm infection Saric is dealing with. So he's out for the Brooklyn game and Philly is in a back to back scenario. Their next game is the next evening vs Detroit. He is due for re-evaluation on Tuesday and I have no idea if he will miss additional games. I guess I'm at the mercy of the Philly media on his updated status. As for Chriss, he only has 4 games on tap in the final week and he's been playing well enough to roster and activate. Thoughts? Thank you.
  16. Going to stream this guy for the week and see how he does. Tyus Jones was a disaster for me last week. What I do notice is Casey loves playing guy in 2 guard sets and trusts him a ton because of his defense. Hoping for a great week from him.
  17. Back on this forsaken bandwagon LOL ...hopefully for good this time. Seems like he's finally rounding into form (or shape :D), getting the trust from coach Triano and playing some crucial 4th quarter minutes. It's just too good to pass up. Let's hope it lasts.
  18. He was picked up from the FA wire in both my leagues. If there is a waiver wire pickup of the year, Saric is right up there at the top of the list.
  19. Taking no risks. I'm fine with that, let him sit out the rest of the game.
  20. Didn't look good. He didn't even want to move ? until he was carried off. Replay shows he was defending, planted then pulled something.
  21. Just picked this guy up and will stash him in hopes he pans out in the very near future (well, we see what he's capable of playing on a Warriors team). The upside is indeed tremendous.
  22. Ugh! That 2nd round pick for Whiteside is becoming worse and worse as this "knee" talk continues.
  23. I can't take the risk as a Whiteside owner *sigh* Picked this guy up as insurance.