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  1. Depends on your team. I have 3 RB's better than Ingram and need a WR to pair with Davante Adams. I'm really not a fan of Ingram's situation and looking to buy low on a WR with big upside. Haven't decided if I'm going to accept, but I'm considering it.
  2. Hope he busts a long TD in the 1st quarter before the Metlife Stadium turf monster gets him.
  3. This comment isn't aging well. I'm actually here because the Barkely owner in my league wants to trade AJ straight up for Ingram. Honestly seems like a pretty fair trade given the risk/reward surrounding both players.
  4. I think this is spot on and was my thought as well. Sounds like he was having issues making cuts on that turf and was taken out before he could do any real damage. I bet he's back full speed in week 4.
  5. Even for those of us that do, there's got to be some concern that Tevin Coleman got 14 carries to McKinnon's 3. McKinnon is obviously far more talented, but I'm not sure the coaches trust his knee enough to give him a big workload this early. If Mostert misses any time, I bet we see Tevin Coleman eat up a lot of carries even though he sucks.
  6. He had 22 touches, averaged 4.3 ypc, didn't fumble, and overall played a pretty clean game. It didn't amount to a ton of fantasy points, but I fail to see why so many of you are hitting the panic button. The Cardinals had a big win and Edmunds had 3 carries for 4 yards. You telling me you're not starting Drake all year if he's getting 20+ touches a week? TD's are flukey and it's not like some other back is stealing his goal line work. They just didn't run many plays inside the 10.
  7. Gus hardly played in the first half and had half his carries on the final drive when the game was basically decided. Overall this was an encouraging game for Ingram, but it's definitely a weird situation moving forward. Very odd that Dobbins hardly played after being featured so much last week.
  8. Dobbins looks like the latest week 1 breakout RB to see a huge reduction in snaps in week 2. I haven't even seen him enter the game, it's been all Ingram.
  9. Seeing reports that Mostert's injury is an MCL, not an ACL. No details on severity, but Shanahan said he wasn't too concerned about it, so that's something positive.
  10. Certainly too early to panic, but it's hard not to be concerned about this guy when the Cowboys throw it 47 times and he only gets 5 targets. It's pretty obvious that Gallup is the Brandin Cooks in this offense and will be heavily dependent on deep balls and TD's every week.
  11. Any updates on his injury? Really hoping he was taken out as more of a precaution rather than it being something serious. People throw "league winner" out pretty liberally, but if he can stay healthy, Mostert is precisely that.
  12. I'm holding, but Conner really silenced his critics today. Great bounce back game for him. On the bright side, the Steeler's offense looks pretty dangerous. We know Conner is going to get banged up again at some point and we know Snell has the ability to reap the benefits. He might not be the instant league winner some of you thought he was going to be (which was unrealistic anyway), but I think he's gotta be one of the top handcuffs to own moving forward.
  13. O'Dell is just the latest uber talented WR who is losing a war with his ego. Another guy who will learn the hard way that great players don't stop to acknowledge their greatness. Unfortunately it seems to be casting a shadow over the Brown's whole offense. He and Mayfield don't exactly seem like best bros. Just watch Baker's presser after the game today when he was asked about his connection with O'Dell. He took responsibility and kinda brushed it off, but you could tell the question made him pretty uncomfortable. They have zero chemistry together.
  14. I feel pretty good about Drake's situation moving forward. This is a really good offense and they're going to run a ton of plays. The fact that they won today and looked pretty good doing it is a great sign. Drake's value goes up the more the Cardinals are playing with a lead.