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  1. You just continue to ignore all the context surrounding both guys situations. If you want to base your decision purely on their season and career stats, go for it.
  2. There is no way you've watched the Rams offense over the last 6 weeks if you believe Kupp has a higher ceiling than Perriman this week. Kupp has hit his ceiling 3 weeks in a row. He was a high ceiling player because he was the #1 target in a pass first offense. Now, he's the #4 target in a run first, 12 personnel offense that doesn't score nearly as many points. Stop basing Kupp's potential on what you saw in week 5. He is averaging 5.5 targets over the last 6 games. He's a TD dependent player who will only be involved in the offense if the Rams get down by double digits. If that's who you want to start in your championship game, go for it.
  3. I'm starting him over Kupp. Winston is going to throw the ball downfield because that's what they do in Arian's offense. There are also 11 WR targets from last week that went to Godwin and Scotty Miller, and you have to assume at least a few of those will go to Perriman.
  4. Nobody has said they expect him to catch 3 TD's on 6 targets, so I'm not chasing your strawman.
  5. My league gives 6 pts for TD passes and a 5 point bonus for going over 300 yards. Winston is the #2 QB and #3 overall scorer. Cha-ching.
  6. If you actually watch the games, you'd understand why one was a fluke and the other wasn't. Or, maybe you just don't understand what the word "fluke" actually means.
  7. The TD's the last 2 weeks have been complete flukes. Count them as gifts and move on. You'd have to be insane to start this dude @ San Fran in week 16, especially over someone like Perriman.
  8. How can he look his way when he isn't in the game?
  9. Bucs would be silly not to re-sign him right? Can't imagine them drafting someone who is a better fit for Arian's offense, even with the interceptions.
  10. What concerns me the most about Kupp is that his ceiling appears to be capped and he now has a pretty low floor. I just don't think he's going to see enough targets to have a chance to break out which makes him completely TD dependent.
  11. I'm really torn between Winston and Tannehill. They both have great matchups and normally I'd go with Winston, but the thumb plus the Evans injury have me strongly considering Tannehill.
  12. What concerns me a bit is that the Rams win against Seattle eliminated the Bucs from playoff contention, so there's definitely less to play for. I doubt they sit Winston since they're still trying to decide whether to re-sign him, but it's something to consider.
  13. True, though whether I draft him will depend on what the Rams do to upgrade their offensive line. I know they're finding some better consistency lately, but I'm not convinced they have much talent there and they have zero cap room and zero 1st round picks. Kupp's snap count won't always be as small as it was last week, but I think his reduced role is going to stick for the foreseeable future. Maybe next year he starts playing some outside receiver, but I sort of doubt it since Woods, Cooks, and Reynolds will all be back.
  14. That's what your flex is for. Lock your safe bets in at every other position, but use your flex as your wildcard and swing big. There's a chance Breida could have a big day and steal his thunder, but I think there's a better chance Mostert goes for 100+ and a TD again. Shanahan sees what everyone else sees too.
  15. I said his rating was between Brady and Rodgers. That isn't "comparing him to Brady". My point was that the narrative that Winston is one of the worst QB's in the NFL is simply not accurate. Tampa Bay would lose more games with a replacement level QB, even if they turned the ball over less, because their defense and running game are both well below average with respect to other NFL teams.