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  1. JoRam, Lindor, Robert, Jimenez, Olson or Torres Help
  2. I think it’s a pickem. I’d probably go Springer though. Help?
  3. Santana probably. But Gallo got hot it could pay off big time down the stretch, but’s a gamble. Help?
  4. I’d do it. Stanton and Syndergaard are both hurt all the time. Syndergaard is the most overrated pitcher in baseball. I’m not crazy about Wong and Milone. I might try to get something better than Wong and Milone if you feel like you need more.
  5. My Lindor and Strasburg for Clevinger, Snell, and E. Suarez I have Tatis at SS. I really don’t have a place to play Lindor. I hate to just have him on the bench for spot starts. I’d like to flip him into some pitching. I don’t trust Strasburg any more. Just stays injured. What do you all think? This is a dynasty head to head league.
  6. Which side to you like best? Bryant/Bell for Hoskins/Strasburg
  7. Really struggling with a trade that I know I should accept. I was offered Villar for Buxton. My middle infield has Story, Altuve, and Albies. I know Villar will get OF eligibility. I'm really worried that Villar will bust and Buxton will finally put it together. Somebody tell me how dumb I am, and that I should go accept the trade.
  8. I was offered Betts for my Springer/Buehler Do you accept or counter by adding something fairly insignificant, maybe a holds guy? What would you do?
  9. I was offered Betts for Springer. 12 team head to head dynasty and currently undefeated Who you taking? Is it worth gambling when you're having so much success?
  10. My Travis Shaw and Nick Senzel for Gerrit Cole? 10 team roto dynasty full keeper league
  11. Kingery for Donaldson straight up. 10 team full keeper dynasty
  12. I'm actually the other side. I'm a top 2-3 team looking for something to put me over the top. That something possibly being Betts.
  13. Acuna, Olson, Kingery For Betts and Flahety
  14. Who ya got? Servino for Acuna FYI: I'm probably a pitcher away from being a top 2 contender.
  15. Conforto, Senzel, Kingery, Kopech, and Ryan Zimmerman for Hoskins
  16. The offer I just received was Conforto + Kingery+Gennett
  17. Trammel is the next Acuna. Lots of helium going into this year. This is a 5-tool stud in the making. I would never drop him for a pitcher unless it was top 5-10 pitching prospect. Even then I'd have hard time. His stock will sore this year.
  18. I'm thinking about moving Acuna in my dynasty league. Trying to figure out how much to be asking for in return. What do you think, what is Acuna worth on the dynasty trade market?
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