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  1. Not quite... I think Brandon Clarke benefits the most. Gorgui is relevant in deep 12's/14 teams but I wouldn't rush to add him.
  2. You want the Wolves to lose games at this point. Anything to keep KAT coming back if you're a Naz owner
  3. 2016/17 he was ranked 74th in 9-cat on BBM. 2017/18 he was ranked 111th in 9-cat.
  4. Sitting on a trade offer and then accepting it after you find out the player you're giving away is seriously injured is bush league.
  5. Head here to create a suggestion to have Prince get PF eligibility.
  6. I remember years ago when a fellow by the name of Robert Covington was the leading scorer in the G-League (then called the D-League) and got picked up by the 76ers. A lot of people doubted him but he had potential to stick in the lineup and get PT because of his defense. Now he gets drafted every year in the mid rounds. Just sayin...
  7. Bruno is actually better. There's other stuff that's holding him back, according to rumor.
  8. I'm not saying he won't play again--because I think he will--I'm just saying I wouldn't at all be surprised if he suddenly went down for the rest of the season.
  9. After what they just announced about Steph, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Dray's back or hand issues become a season ender. Golden State is entering ultimate tank mode and why wouldn't they? They were going to be getting blown out all season. You also have to protect the image Steph and Dray have. Could you imagine what would happen to their legacy if they kept losing to some of the worst teams in the league? 🙄
  10. Yes, on *our* waiver wires. Your question was specific to *your* league, hence it is an AC forum question.
  11. They said his minutes would be "monitored." Not sure if that means limited exactly.
  12. I only drafted him because he fell to the 4th. Seriously regretting that pick right now... The Warriors are going to be getting blown out a lot this season.
  13. Ranked 37th on BBM in 9-cat. Why the hell would you move on from that?
  14. Easy drop. I don't care if he comes along later in the season. This is Dejounte's backcourt.