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  1. [...] His schedule for the next several weeks is decent with GB, @JAX, @CLE, NE, @DET. The Jags, Browns, Patriots, and Lions are currently top 13 teams for WR points against coming into week 6 and I would anticipate next weeks game against the Packers being a shootout.
  2. Also starting him over Edelman.
  3. Yeah with Leo active, gotta bench him. RIP
  4. Ke'Shawn's value will be through the air. I'm thinking Shane Vereen/James White type production.
  5. I'll be starting him tonight. Tom seems to fancy him.
  6. He's listed questionable but expected to play.
  7. I'm so desperate at RB this week that I think I'm going to start him. I have Derrick Henry but if his game gets canceled my other options are horse manure.
  8. It's always been like this on Yahoo. Football, basketball, and baseball.
  9. For reference, Rojo was the highest graded RB by PFF in the 2019 season after three weeks. Take this with a grain of salt.
  10. I don't value him this poorly, but I do value him as a mid to low RB2 solely based on volume and is touchdown dependent at this point. He's been the pick I regret the most by far. His offensive line is garbage, he gets taken out on passing downs (which there will be a lot of because the Bengals defense is garbage), they have a rookie QB who had no preseason, and he plays in a division with tough run defenses (CLE, BAL, PIT.) Yes, he will have some big games but at this point I am just over watching him and this Bengals run game. I had to trade him away while people still think he's a low-end RB1/high-end RB2.
  11. When you saw AJ Brown was going to be out week 2, that should have made you lean towards Jonnu. Miles Sanders coming back for the Iggles also should have made you lean Jonnu over Goedert. Next week Goedert has the Bungles and Jonnu has the Vikings. Both teams have piss poor defenses, and the Vikings just lost their best linebacker. I think you could literally flip a coin and start either of them next week and profit.
  12. Was anybody expecting this kid to light the world on fire after week 1? I thought it was known that he was a hold and wasn't expected to be relevant in fantasy until mid-season. It's unfortunate he dropped a super easy pass but it was a rook in his first NFL game in his first pressure situation. Chalk it up to nerves, sit him on your bench for a few weeks, and forget about him until he starts to take over.
  13. He did decent against them last season. 1st game (at home) went for 110 yards on 15 carries with a TD, and 4 catches for 52 yards. (23.2 pts in half-PPR) Two weeks later (in SF) played the Niners again and had 67 yards on 16 carries, with 6 catches for 13 yards. (11 pts in half-PPR)
  14. 0.44 ERA in 4 starts is not good for fantasy apparently 🤷🏽‍♂️