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  1. Yeah it's not looking good for him. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't play another 500 games in the rest of his career.
  2. He has control issues. Maybe they fixed him up. Let's see. If Gallegos stinks to start the year, and Fernandez is good, though, why not?
  3. Gallegos has a few weeks to figure things out still but he's been pretty lousy early on. Seems like command is off. Could be one of those dreaded committees to start the year. I think Miller is hurt or something? That helps his case.
  4. 11 Ks in 7 innings so far. Added a couple of mph to the FB. Throws 5 pitches apparently. Low 4/High 3 with good offensive and bullpen support is quite possible. Anything he gives ya is gravy.
  5. Just 2 Ks in spring so far with 1 BB. Maybe he's working on changing his approach to be more aggressive early in the count. Batting .500 so far. I think he's had a big spring before, only to fizzle once things count, but I feel like if he's ever gonna become somebody, this is the year. A great spring is certainly more encouraging than a lousy one.
  6. I would take the under on 5 cuz he can't strain another one when he's hurt and not doing anything. That's the only reason it'd be under 5.
  7. Over and under on strains for 2020 is 3. He's 1/3 of the way there and we are still in Feb.
  8. Here we go again. Over and under on games is 100 at best. Realistically it's more like 60 games. I've been saying the dude is too jacked to be a ball player. He needs flexibility exercises, not to get even more muscles. Don't the Yankees have any say over what he does?
  9. Against a nasty lefty that he doesn't feel like he can drive, no prob with laying one down to get on base. Otherwise, swing to do damage please.
  10. Funny fact, dude's never had an annual ERA in the 3s. Once 2.21 and the rest over 4. Very high upside, but high volatility. Seems like a feast or famine type deal.
  11. Hader was on my avoid list. Didn't wanna reach for an RP. Just a hunch. I feel like he's gonna have injury probs this year. Maybe it's cuz after an utterly dominant first half, he was a bit more human in the 2nd half.
  12. Kela's been good every year when he's been on the field. Of course, injuries and off the field probs are baggage. Might be good for 25+ saves with good ratios. Higher upside than most bottom tier closers and at least he starts out as the guy.
  13. For deep leagues, it would be tough to recover if you bypass a surer guy for the high prospect and he bombs. Also, do we know where he is gonna start in the lineup. He might hit 7 or lower to start couldn't he? Just things to consider for early drafters - like me. I am eying him, but haven't decided yet. (To reiterate, I am not bearish, I am just trying to pull away from the hype to get a realistic assessment.)
  14. In keeper leagues I would definitely try to get him. In redraft leagues I dunno. I feel like he's either going to fly out the gate or start off with a .165 April. Could have a stint in the minors if he struggles.
  15. Ideal scenario: Let someone else draft him, wait for them to drop him, then scoop up for the 2nd half.