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  1. I was able to get Washington off waivers. Is he the easy choice now? I am going against the Lamar Jackson owner, but otherwise his team isn't all that scary. I think I can live without the ceiling of Fuller. Washington probably has a higher floor than Singletary vs NE, right?
  2. Jimmy G. Rivers has been too erratic, turning it over too much, not throwing enough TDs, regardless of matchup.
  3. Moore and Allen. Moore has talent and is the clear number 1, if with the question mark at QB. Allen is just solid and will get a million targets. Lindsey has been so hard to trust. The upside just isnt there. Chark would scare me coming off injury on a team that is dead for the playoffs. I can't see him getting many snaps, no reason for them to push him.
  4. They both have very high ceilings. More targets for parker though, so I think he has the higher floor. However, both would be smash plays in almost every lineup. Your other WRs must be amazing to be making this choice.
  5. TD upside is too high for Jones, to sit him for a relative unknown who could split time (who knows?). Not worth the risk in the finals IMO.
  6. Team in sig. In the Finals. Lost Jacobs. Washington was dropped late, not available during normal claim period. I have a claim in on him, but I doubt I will get him. Its down to Singletary vs NE or Fuller vs TB. What do you guys think? (Also lost Evans previous week). WHIR. Leave a link.
  7. I have a procedural question. My league has an IR slot, where we can put any player that is ruled out. My question is will Will Fuller be ruled "out" before Sunday even though they are on the bye? I am leaning towards no, which is going to put me in a crunch. Team is in sig. I need to drop someone to pick up a kicker. Looking like Fuller might be the drop? Watson/McLaurin/Sanders/Fuller/Pats D on bye.
  8. Just to follow up, in case anyone was following this... I traded Gurley/Henderson and Alshon Jeffrey for Keenan Allen and Devin Singletary. I am semi-worried about allen, but I am hoping to catch him on the upswing of his season. He seems go come and go in waves. Singletary is a solid flex (I hope), with breida and sanders as options also. I am not positive my team is better ROS (it is no worse), but it will help me in WK 10.
  9. Dropping Anderson doesn't help me, just realized. He is not on bye, so that doesn't free up a roster spot. He is currently going to start for me Wk 10.
  10. Watson easily. At home, worse defense, more of a playmaker, higher ceiling, less of a running game. Easy, easy choice. Don't drop Dak though. Probably try to trade him though if possible.
  11. I would also pass. Leaves you pretty weak at WR, while only minorly better or the same at QB and RB.
  12. Diggs is a little scary production-wise, but Singletary doesnt exactly have a long history of production. You are also weak at WR and very strong at RB, so I think you do the deal.
  13. I would aim for Lockett, thats a good call. Ingram + Jones or Woods or Samuel. See what he says.
  14. Its fine. Not amazing. Not going to move the needle a ton. Also you mentioned H Henry. Hunter Henry I assume? Isnt he a TE? Did you mean someone else? Thanks for help on mine.
  15. Dropping Fuller is on the table, but I do have a IR spot to stash him in. Problem with that is that he is currently Questionable, which means I can't make WW moves with him in the spot. Anderson is a decent drop options, you are right, but that leaves me thin at WR. You are pushing the needle toward trying to fill out a roster....