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  1. Doesn't work? Are you sure you got it right? It sure does. If you are interested, you can message me here to I guess. Or leave your email.
  2. 6th year of league Chi and Philly owners missing since April, so giving one more day then seeking to replace. You get to keep draft picks of your franchise, if you so choose. Also can trade these franchises in if you join, for other open franchises. Franchise trade ins and slow live draft imminent. email me at
  3. Very deep, challenging, league. Set up for those of us who tire of only H2H leagues with unpredictable playoffs(IE dominating all year only to lose in semis) Roster has many good to great young players like Olson, Albies, Betts, Lauereano, Robles, Castillo, Fried, etc, etc. Fairly short email draft to start as soon as spot filled
  4. Fine roster with many good/great young players. Gleyber, Springer, Semien, Realmuto, Pederson, etc, etc. Strasburg, Paxton, etc. Farm teams with a Google Doc and team owns rights to MizeC and SanchezS among others. Slow live draft and team was abandoned last year so gets 7th pick each round of 5 round draft. League going into season 7 so not going anywhere. It is a 1 win league set up so as to choose a starting lineup and staff each day, so not cookie cutter stuff. Lots of stat categories as well. You can email me at
  5. I've needed another dynasty type league for question....what type of draft....don't want live draft leagues.
  6. Ok...I do use Dobber for research, so guess can check that....thanks.
  7. When Yahoo had their message boards, it literally took no time to find a league....I've been sitting here with an open team spot all year and cannot fill it. If there is a Yahoo opening here, it seems to be filled VERY quickly. So, where are all those other commish's posting their league openings at now? There has to be one spot...this seems like it'd be the best one, but Yahoo openings don't seem all that common.
  8. Are all spots full already?......Doc says "All Taken"
  9. Site? How many keepers? If it's Yahoo you can email
  10. i need a team and would be interested, but far too few keepers, and you are missing new good stats like Hits and Blocks.
  11. Need another owner for this, for the Az can trade in your franchise.....want to fill quickly.
  12. I have a 16 team franchise dynasty league where you get to keep draft picks your franchise makes....other than that, no ties to franchise. Got one opening. Email if interested.
  13. Been on Flea for many of my own leagues....I'd join your 22 keeper league...but not interested in GroupMe....if that's a deal breaker.